Last Thursday, on the 26th of October, My little boy turned 9 YEARS OLD!!! We celebrated last week with gluten-free yummy cupcakes for his class from Small Cakes bakery right down the road, and a night out at yotopia with a cup of many different flavors of frozen yogurt, where Lewis wrote a huge birthday […]

Abiding Faith

This is a season where God is growing me deeper in my faith.  I love that despite the plans of the evil in the world, nothing can stop the Lord Almighty.  I love God’s WORD!!  I love that when someone smiles at me pretending to be friendly, all the while plotting evil in his heart, […]


I’ve never been in a place like this before….I’ve never had so much responsibility on my shoulders day in and day out, with life generally being quite hard, and has been hard for quite some time, with the future only getting harder.  In my mind, I imagine so many different possibilities, jobs I can have […]

Just smile.

Life simply goes by much easier as we mulch on the beautiful seeds God has planted in our hearts, whether verses, promises, beautiful moments, truths we love, incredible memories…some days are filled we these and we can smile big…other days we smile knowing that circumstances can go up and down, feelings can be a false […]

What is your passion?

I’ve always loved this world.  However, sometimes, if not properly expressed, our passions can get us into trouble.  But, I think the thing I fear the most is to not live my life passionately for something…that I would just wonder through life without any real goals to impact the world around me…or even to live […]