Body slide :)

My kids are so easily entertained… 🙂 We did the body slide today, while going over AWANA verses for AWANA. I love that my kids still like doing their verses and a fun short aftermath activity was the body slide. The kids proceeded to climb in my lap and slide or roll down my legs […]

Gene Chidzik

We had an incredible man come and speak at Abilene today, Gene Chidzik, former Auburn National Championship coach. It turns out he had been successful for 3 years, top of his game for 3 years and the 4th year they fired him….that was surprising to hear. His response when pastor Whit asked him if he […]

Time with my son.

Today, I am enjoying a day with my son. We get to read about all sorts of subjects, talk, dream, eat a quiet meal, and I get to nurture him back to health. It’s days like this, when the kids get sick, that I get to be with them and really see how they are […]


Faith on the sideline. Faith on the frontline. Faith in the front, Faith in the Rear. Faith all around. We have the most blessed God imaginable and He is more than capable. I know He is able. I rely on Him!


This week I must walk my 3 kids through a hard time. In 6 days, they will say goodbye to their dad for a 3 year assignment. They will only see him for a short while next summer. I ask for prayer this week. I ask for God’s love to cover my children. I keep […]