At the cross

(Chris Tomlin) There’s a place where mercy reigns And never dies There’s a place where streams of grace Flow deep and wide Where all the love I’ve ever found Comes like a flood Comes flowing down At the cross, at the cross I surrender my life I’m in awe of you I’m in awe of […]

In the heart or head?

How can we tell if our faith is truly in our hearts or our heads?  Is it mere head knowledge or has it penetrated our hearts?  I think God tests the application of His Scripture in our lives through relationships, circumstances, barriers…He tests us.  I want my faith to be real.  I want to be […]


Yeah!  Don’t we love this as Christians?  That God has vision.  For each one of us.  For our future.  God is a visionary and gives generously to us.  I am starting to gain vision for the next few years and am excited about what God is beginning to show me.  Because God is a God […]

Prayers for a friend.

I have a friend.  She is married a second time, but doesn’t have the children living with her that she brought into the world from her first marriage.  She is going to court this week to ask the judge for them back.  I am praying for her.  I have a passion for women such as […]

2 years forward.

In SEP, my children’s dad will be gone for two years.  I was informed one week ago.  What is one to do with this kind of news?  All I could think of was what I have learned from God over and over again.  You are good, Lord.  All things work together for the good of […]

Mad as a hornet.

This might not be a topic you would expect to see from a Christian woman…but I think it pretty much sums up the past two years and how I have honestly felt! My faith tempers me in extraordinary ways, but deep down, I honestly feel quite mad!  Mad at lies.  Mad at injustice.  Mad at […]

Billy Graham legacy

When I heard of Billy Graham’s death just over a week ago, my first thought was…here goes!! I truly felt overjoyed that he could be relieved of his failing physical body and ushered into the heavenly gates to see the joy and author of his faith at last. Also, I realized that all his sermons […]