God changed his name

I finished Max Lucado’s book “Drawing Near,” this morning and one of the last stories he wrote (the book is divided into little tidbit subjects that are a few pages long for readers to discover different qualities of Christ through the author’s experiences and also stories from the bible that the author analyzes in relational […]


I am just finishing Max Lucado’s book “God Came Near” and there is a line in it that struck me just now deeply.  It says, “A person can be all that goodness calls him to be and still never see the Author of life.”  Do you know any “good” people?  I do.  But, I also […]

The New Year 2018

As I contemplate this past year and this next year ahead, I think of several things: First, I thank God for the successes of last year…plans that I committed to the Lord, plans  in which He gave me success. Next, I thank Him for He is continually transforming and renewing my mind, reminding me each […]


Tonight I am thankful for a clean home, thankful for incredible neighbors.  It makes me joyful to know that God has surprises laid out for us that we do not know about.  Flowers, gifts, incredible gifts…I think and hope my children realize how extravagant their God is in His love.  It is just who He […]