Such a fighter!!!

The past few days have been incredible. My faith has been tested in SO many ways. I can see why the Lord put “warrior princess” on my mind the past few days–to prepare me for the onslaught of attacks from the Enemy. I felt an attack in almost every area that I hold dearest to my heart in the past week.  BIG attacks.  In each of the attacks, they drew me to a decision…to doubt…to worry…to imagine the worst possible scenario (my specialty!)…or to HAVE FAITH.  And to not let those thoughts go anywhere God didn’t want them to go.  

It was a battle…but the LORD won!!!  Praise be to HIM!  His strength reigned in me.  Each choice led me closer to Jesus and helped me know HIS heart even more.  HE IS VICTORIOUS!!!!  Thank-you for all of your prayers!  They made a HUGE difference!!!  One of the attacks over the past few days was Hannah’s cyst growing 2/3 times the size it was and turning blue/purple on the outside of her skin. Yesterday, we were told that Hannah might have lymphoma as her lab results came in.  Today, we were told it was an infected cyst near a lymph node!  It was a VERY LONG night going through all the tests and staying in the hospital overnight.  

God provided in SO many ways…in ALL the details and major ways as well (the support of friends, babysitters, a great medical team (very, very patient…it took 5 hours to get her CT scan…), prayers, even songs He put in my head all day the day before (Lay down your burdens, I will carry you), and a wonderful boss who let my sweet husband come back out of the field right away)…as well as great results!  We serve an AWESOME God. A POWERFUL God. A God who has wonderful plans for us, to prosper us!  HE LOVES US SO MUCH.  And He delights in answering our humble prayers.  Keep praying for Hannah as she does have to have the cyst removed and she doesn’t seem to respond to anesthesia that well… 😦  We are so thankful for everything…and we know the Lord will continue to provide.

My prayer is that we all can have faith that moves mountains.  That we make the CHOICE to trust God…even when our circumstances tempt us to doubt.  God will use that doubt to draw us closer to HIM in even greater faith.  He gives us the gift of faith and then makes it grow.  Have a WILLING heart and BELIEVE in your Mighty Father in Heaven and TRUST in His goodness.  It is NOT an easy task.  But, all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.   Let us pray for each other in this regard.  I know for me, daily, the battle plays out in my head and heart for trust and obedience.

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