Being Poor.

    I realize as I write this that there are so many scales of wealth to the poorest of poor and to the wealthiest of people.  I truly believe God will hold each one of us accountable for how we spend our money and that how we spend it reveals so much about ourselves. […]

New life

With Brian in the field…but our time apart coming to a close…I am convicted of so much that needs to change in my parenting, in my marriage, in my life.  I am praying for new life.  I want SO much for the old ways to pass…and the new to be resurrected in my life.  God […]


God is showing me so much through my sweet husband right now.  We are experiencing right now part of a promise of the Lord, that when two unite, they become one flesh–we are learning from each other and becoming more and more one as time goes on.  My husband’s Christ-like characteristics are such a testimony to […]


This topic was on my mind today.  I was thinking of how God inspires me…but doesn’t make me feel condemned.  The Holy Spirit convicts me of my sin…and I am left feeling sad…and then He shows me His forgiveness, comforts me, and equips me with the TRUTH and ways to change (repent).  Repentance involves sorrow […]