Rebuilding Walls…..

As I made my first meal yesterday in 4 weeks, I really couldn’t believe God’s overwhelming provision to us…the meals lasted a whole month.  I feel ready now to return to being a mommy and homemaker…just as the last meals are eaten.  Doesn’t God know our needs so perfectly?  His timing is beautiful.  Just a […]

Standing Firm…Our strong deliverer is IN ACTION!

This morning, as I listened at PWOC and prayed with other sweet ladies, I sensed God wanting me to stand firm.  There has been a lot of spiritual warfare going on lately in my heart and home and as I cried out for His help, Christ asked me to stand firm.  I pondered what “standing […]

Weeping Woman

I have really identified with the weeping woman a lot here in the desert (Luke 7:36-50).  I find myself coming before the Lord in tears nearly everytime I come before Him.  I cannot stop the tears.  I find myself often at an impass.  He is calling me to accept my circumstances and CHANGE.  He is […]

A faith unswerving

One of my favorite people, Mother Theresa, according to a book written about her- “Come Be My Light,” lived in darkness to lead those in darkness into light.  I have always been drawn to Mother Theresa–her work, her calling, her heart for Jesus.  God is showing me more and more to be faithful despite my […]