Inadequate? Thank-you Jesus!

I heard a lady say recently in a bible study…with such honesty and transparency, which I treasure…I feel so inadequate. I loved the bible study leader’s response and began thinking about the topic of inadequacy myself. The bible study leader responded with the truth that we are all inadequate, and that we can be ok […]

Rebuilding Walls…..

As I made my first meal yesterday in 4 weeks, I really couldn’t believe God’s overwhelming provision to us…the meals lasted a whole month.  I feel ready now to return to being a mommy and homemaker…just as the last meals are eaten.  Doesn’t God know our needs so perfectly?  His timing is beautiful.  Just a […]

Standing Firm…Our strong deliverer is IN ACTION!

This morning, as I listened at PWOC and prayed with other sweet ladies, I sensed God wanting me to stand firm.  There has been a lot of spiritual warfare going on lately in my heart and home and as I cried out for His help, Christ asked me to stand firm.  I pondered what “standing […]

Weeping Woman

I have really identified with the weeping woman a lot here in the desert (Luke 7:36-50).  I find myself coming before the Lord in tears nearly everytime I come before Him.  I cannot stop the tears.  I find myself often at an impass.  He is calling me to accept my circumstances and CHANGE.  He is […]

A faith unswerving

One of my favorite people, Mother Theresa, according to a book written about her- “Come Be My Light,” lived in darkness to lead those in darkness into light.  I have always been drawn to Mother Theresa–her work, her calling, her heart for Jesus.  God is showing me more and more to be faithful despite my […]