I am thrilled…no exhilarated…IN AWE of God’s grace and provision.  Oh, these moments are so great….they connect me to the most wonderful characteristics of God in such a deep way that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t live the sort of crazy nomadic life we live 🙂 Brian came home two nights ago…he stared at […]

Race Car Date with Daddy!!!

Daddy and Lewis LOVED going on this trip together….to a racetrack at Legends in Kansas City!  The cars were LOUD…and they saw a close call happen right in front of them….it was captivating and Fun, Fun, Fun for the boys!!! The girls and I went on a shopping trip…which I don’t dare very often…but it […]

Field of Flowers…

My Lewis LOVES to pick flowers.  He stops everywhere to pick them, running to give them to me and Hannah…and any other lady he sees nearby 🙂  He even asks us to stop the car to pick them.  We indulge this whenever we can…but there are so many times we can’t!  So there was a […]

At Last!!!

Here they are…at last!!!  Pictures of the Tinklepaugh Flock extravaganzas with the Tinklepaughs 🙂 What an incredible visit…I cannot even express all the wonderful love and adventures we had…it was a full 5 days and SO perfect….  Here are a few pictures to reflect those precious moments…and lots of fun!!! We love you grandma and […]