The New Year 2018

As I contemplate this past year and this next year ahead, I think of several things: First, I thank God for the successes of last year…plans that I committed to the Lord, plans  in which He gave me success. Next, I thank Him for He is continually transforming and renewing my mind, reminding me each […]


This Thanksgiving I was so deeply grateful to spend time with my brother and his precious family.  We don’t always get as much time as we would like with each other, but have continued to connect when we are able with our super busy lives!  I love the times we can connect, remember sweet times, […]


Last Thursday, on the 26th of October, My little boy turned 9 YEARS OLD!!! We celebrated last week with gluten-free yummy cupcakes for his class from Small Cakes bakery right down the road, and a night out at yotopia with a cup of many different flavors of frozen yogurt, where Lewis wrote a huge birthday […]

Disney 2017

STRENGTH…. This is the one word with which I would describe last week.  Christ truly gave me incredible strength to drive solo down to Disney, spend 5 full days at all the parks, and drive back.  I had little to no voice the whole week too.  Several friends asked me before I left if I […]

Easter 2017

I love Easter for so many different reasons.  This Easter was so special to me. Visiting with family, watching my kids love on the people I love and seeing my relatives adore and cherish them as well.  There is nothing like the love that God intended for families. I really do enjoy the Easter Egg […]

One Semester Down!!

How relieved I am to have one semester down towards my master’s degree in teaching.  As I worked through many hurdles quite unexpectedly in the summer, and then all the due dates throughout this semester, and another great personal trial in which I was suddenly thrown into….I just feel deeply grateful for the perseverance and […]

Emma’s 9 months!

Every day’s a holiday with Emma. She reminds us so much of Lewis when he was a baby…his twinkly eyes, his joy…his laughter…his chub…his scrumptiousness 🙂  We adore her.  She’s got her sister’s deep beautiful blues…that draw us in.  She’s a peaceful little baby.  She’s changing into an older baby now…just the other day, I […]

Hugs Hannah is 4!!!

This past week I took this photo of Hannah and Emma….Emma, our little strawberry shortcake, just turned 1 and Hannah, 4…their sisterly love is a treasure to my heart… We cannot believe Hannah banana…we love nicknames 😉 …is 4!!! Today we celebrated her birthday.  I loved spending time with sweet friends today…feeling surrounded by people who […]