A stilled and quieted soul…

I love the picture this verse in Psalms (quite possibly my favorite book in the Bible!!) displays….this verse is so meaningful to me as a mommy of a baby.  This is a picture of TRUST…of a soul that is not anxious or upset, not chattering before the Lord…but is STILL and QUIET in His arms. […]

Looking back….beautiful fall!

These pictures remind me of God pressing upon my heart to “stay on the path”….to stay within the limits of each day…to stay within the limits of the moment…oftentimes I find information flooding my mind…my senses absorbing so much around me…it is hard to stay focused on the present moment or to stay focused on […]

Experiencing Autumn in Kansas

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to live in that house beneath those trees???  I love experiencing Autumn here in Kansas.  It is everything I remembered it being and SO MUCH MORE.  The pumpkin patches, the hayrides, the delicious apples, the corn and hay mazes, the wagon rides, the pony rides, the farm animals, the BEAUTIFUL TREES […]

Beauty in God’s eyes.

I love the imperfect.  Imperfection is becoming more and more beautiful to me every day.  I love that God is strong in my weakness and imperfection and I love seeing the world through God’s eyes…and when He creates something that “seems” imperfect to the human eye, it is the most beautiful in His eyes. As […]