It’s HARVEST Time!

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Overflow of Harvest…

Brian, Emma, and I had the stomach bug pretty bad last week…Brian and I worked together as a team to serve and pour out to our kids, but we both felt sick and weary.  Lewis and Hannah, you see, were not sick!  ….I have come to accept a few unchanging factors about my kids …especially the two, lovingly called, “the twins”–they have more energy than can be bottled and sold!  And more will than I have seen in any my entire parenthood so far, except in three others!  THESE are the hard days.  Sick parents, energetic, strong-willed kids…  I love, though, the perspective that a few days give.  I remember feeling at the end of a hard week, I truly hope to see that fruit soon!  It feels so tiresome and weary sometimes.  I love that God’s Word trumps my feelings!!  His Word says that if you sow seeds, you will reap a harvest IN THE PROPER TIME.  It takes FAITH for me to believe this sometimes when my days are long and the sowing is hard work.  But God graciously gives us sweet and persistent love for our kids…He prompts us to keep going…waking up each morning with new grace and new mercies…with freshness and new creative ideas…and vision.  Sometimes, He even gives us glimpses (hope) of the harvest to come….other times, it is an overflow!!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen beautiful glimpses…Today, it was an overflow.

I want to share a few of our beautiful glimpses and what God is doing in our amazing kids right now:

Just the other day, Lewis looked at the melted snow flowing down our drain pipe outside our home…and he said to me quietly, “mommy, look, the rain is coming down the pipe…flowing…just like God’s love…it just keeps coming and keeps coming.  It doesn’t stop.”  My eyes teared up.  It is in moments like these that I can see that they really do understand!

I love seeing God’s faithfulness to them…to pour love and counsel into them…as Lewis was thinking the other day, he told me…”mommy, I think the kids bother me at school sometimes because I expect them to treat me perfectly.”  Wow.  Such introspection, such sweet counsel from Him…a wonderful breakthrough!

And on another day, when I was wishing I had more time with Lewis that day, Lewis whispered to me while we were cooking together after nap time, “mommy, God came to me in a dream while I was sleeping and told me He loved me!!”  Oh, He covers them with His love.

And Hannah, as she battles being 3…and we all feel it…God pressed into me the other day to remember to remind my children that we are all sinners and fall short of His glory…I said this to Hannah during a time of great struggle for her and her eyes lit up…she asked me if I make wrong choices too…”oh yes, Hannah”…I said a bit too joyfully, “I do!”  I loved seeing her feel freedom knowing she is not alone in her struggle.

~Today, there was an overflow in their little spirits.  Hannah…in her intimate love…her social grace, her sweet manners, her joy in spending time with me, her desire to love and nurture me…and Emma…and her cuddlies 🙂  Lewis, in his sweet desire to help…opening doors, running to the kitchen to ask daddy, “How may I help?”  and telling me, “Mommy, you sit here and I will find it!”  What a wonderful quality to have in the firstborn child…I really don’t know what I would do without it.  …Lewis giving me and sissy back scratches…telling me how much he loves us.  This is my romantic, strong poet!!  …Lewis and Hannah’s sweet love for each other…playing sweetly together, considering each other’s needs and desires…joyfully playing together.  Oh, they are like peas and carrots.  They do love sweetly…yes, and they can argue passionately too!  But, today, only sweet love.  What a joy and gift it brings to our hearts.  They even went to bed obediently and with focus.  Really, it was an evening to remember.

Emma brings LIFE and BEAUTY and JOY and PEACE and FUN to our days….she is a gift beyond our wildest dreams…I really couldn’t imagine God giving me such a gift in a baby…in a child.  I just KNOW the depth of God’s love for me when I look into these deep and sparkly blues.  She brings forth praise and thanks in my heart…in each of my days.  We are deeply grateful for her life…and cannot believe our little Emma “boo”…our Emmy…is turning 9 months in a week and a half.  Oh we love her and will miss her babyhood.  Every day is a holiday with Emma.  She really does brighten our lives and lift our hearts up to the Lord in praise.

In Hannah’s words, “Oh Emmy, you are such a cutie baby.”

I love capturing the overflow of harvest…that I may remember…for the next sowing season 🙂


Marathon Days.

There really is no other way to put it.  My days feel like I am running a marathon…with my sweet little bed welcoming me at night.

Things I am thankful for:

I LOVE my Emma.  Her two-toothed grin and sparkling blue eyes light up with joy.  Her giggles bring unending joy.  She brings peace to my days…and love always.  I love seeing her delight and distaste in different foods…the joy of learning her sweet little personality.

I am thankful for Hannah’s bone to HEAL completely!!!  This is a huge miracle for me to grasp hold of today and PRAISE Him for:  Our GREAT Healer!!

I am thankful for the obedient spirit I see in Lewis…growing each day.  I am thankful for all that he is learning with his friends right now…learning to love, learning to overlook offenses, learning about God’s love over him always.

I am thankful that spring is coming SOON.  We had a snow last night, and as it melts, I wonder if it is the last one.

I am thankful that my body is able to lose the rest of this pregnancy weight…I really did wonder if it would all come off this time…I am thankful for the time to work out and the calories nursing burns!  I always gain much more than the recommended amount.

I am thankful that I am loved, cherished, accepted, and redeemed…bought with a price by Him.

I am thankful for God healing our colds.

I am reminded this week that God is FOR me and not against me.  Isn’t it so easy to confuse God with life?  It feels like I am battling so much right now…difficult attitudes, regression in behavior…I want to feel disgruntled…but I know that God is on my side.  He is working with me.  He cares more about all of this than I do.  I know the remedy for a disgruntled attitude is a thankful heart.

Lately, it seems we’ve had a bunch of setbacks…potty training, behavior.  Hannah was dry even at night just two weeks ago…and now we are back to “sweet treats” to get her to go on the potty.  I have found lots of “surprises” the past 2 weeks…after asking her to go potty…she runs and hides…giggles and goes. My little 3 is such a challenge…daily…for me.  It feels like regression some days…and others, I succumb to the “terrible 3” explanation.  She has dropped her naps entirely the past 2 weeks…despite quite an effort to maintain them.  She feels so deeply…and has opinions about everything.  She doesn’t hold back how she truly feels.  She is so determined!  She has a great memory.  She really is so smart, she surprises me daily by what she knows, remembers, and can do.  She is SO independent.  I am wondering how all of these qualities will be used someday…in ways that I know God will use to bless others.

We’re working hard on obedience right now.  I am so passionate about their hearts…I know this is a gift, but it does mean that my heart is burdened right now…I keep taking those burdens right back to the Lord.  I love them…even if I don’t like the sin.  He is able to handle all of it.  I must press on.

I am SECURE in HIM right now…not the blessings God has given me…He giveth and He taketh away…my security, my confidence is in Him.  I am SURE of Him.


We’ve gotten lots of snow lately!  We’ve loved it….the snow angels, the snowmen, the forts, the caves, the snow cream 🙂

It has reminded us to SLOW DOWN…as school was cancelled 3 days in a row…really everything was cancelled most of the week…we had to slow down and enjoy the beauty…and sovereignty of God.

It has been a busy few weeks…with Hannah home now, I’ve loved this time with her…but I am more busy than before.  I’m learning how to enter God’s rest…in the business of my days.  I loved the time alone with Emma in the mornings before, but as Emma reached 6 months, we sensed the time was right to bring Hannah back home.

I’ve learned to appreciate my Noah…my husband, who is a man of peace and romance.  I loved seeing a movie on Noah the other day…and to see the story in a different light…a story of romance—where the woman stands by the crazy man and gets to enjoy the adventure with him…and to see God’s plan unfold.

I hear God calling me to lay down my life for my sheep more…to consistently lead and teach and love and lay my life down.

I am seeing more of God as my deliverer and restorer lately.  I love getting to understand different aspects of Him…to see it…and feel it.  I am so thankful for an awesome God who allows…and delights in revealing Himself…all throughout creation…it’s a beautiful reflection of Him…if my eyes are opened and able to see.

Brian’s prayer lately for SAMS is that all the things he’s learning be for a PURPOSE.  Let it not be in vain!!!

This HAS been a more joyful winter than last…and soon, it’ll be almost over.  We started our indoor garden yesterday…the kids and I loved doing it…we took a sweet potato and celery and cut them and put them into water to see sprouts grow…really we cannot wait for the real deal!

Abundant life.

These few months have just flown by!  We had a baby, had visitors, had a birthday, had visitors, a camping trip, had visitors, a baptism, and another birthday!  And Emma is 4 months in just a few days!

Somewhere in there we were sick for 3 weeks…and I am just now over another sinus cold…they seem to be popping up almost every month.  We have been learning much…much about God…and much about ourselves.  I see Brian growing in the fear of the Lord.  I am learning to let go of expectations, trying to streamline the thoughts and ideas, and turning to God to help me identify those feelings that unexpectedly rise up and overwhelm me as my days rush by.  The Lord has been so gracious to actually tell me what I am experiencing and show me how to give it to Him.  He is helping me understand my role in the body of Believers and has opened up a sweet door of service in the body.  He is helping us in Parenting, with a sweet parenting conference–Parenting God’s Kids–  We are learning to be the instrument of self-control in our children’s lives…and to reinforce structure to help them.  We were reminded that God’s standard is high…and to hold them to it…but to allow for much grace.  Brian learned the Father’s Charge.  It was a beautiful way to come together in parenting.  He is telling us to walk Worthy.   What an incredibly rich place this is to be built up.

Tonight, as Brian was in his class, the kids and I ate a yummy pumpkin cookie recipe my mom had given me, which we all sat together and made on the kitchen floor last night.  We attempted bedtime routine…Emmy screamed so hard it made my head spin…and Lewis and Hannah followed soon after when they climbed into their beds.  I had 3 weepy babies…I snuggled them close, sang “Be thou My Vision” and nurtured them to sleep.  I went from room-to-room, said several prayers of protection and comfort, hummed lots of chorus lines, and finally, their bodies went limp and off to dreamland.  I loved this night though.  I loved being there to hold them, to sing them to sleep and comfort them.  I loved it when Hannah asked me about Jesus and me.  I told her I was Jesus’ servant.  She told me I was his mommy.  🙂

Today, Brian and I had a chance to go on an unexpected date…a cycling date at the gym!  It was Brian’s first cycling class.  It brought back memories of a cross country skiing trip…but it went so much better!!!  I loved this date…how unexpected it was…how fun it was…and how challenging it was.  I like working hard side-by-side.  Just like in life.  He’s my partner…in everything…and now I’ve gained a cycling partner too!

This is my life lived abundantly…in love…in joy…with Jesus and my 4 favorite people in the whole world.


Little Hannah Cottontail :-)


Little Hannah Cottontail :-)
Little Hannah Cottontail 🙂

DSC04618 DSC04635

"Pretty Kitty"
“Pretty Kitty”

Our “Pretty Kitty” Update:

“Little Hannah Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippety hoppety, Easter’s on its way…”  This is what daddy sings along with the singing toothbrush she got as a gift 🙂  This is how we will remember her–her sweet face, cute little dimples, amazing smile, sweet cuddles, her deep love for buddy, her soft, gentle voice and graceful spirit.  Daddy’s favorite nickname for her is “pretty kitty,” to which she always responds with a “meow meow meow” and snuggles in daddy’s face 🙂

The Lord has grown and prepared this little girl so much too!  At 2 years and 8 months, she is almost completely potty trained and has shown so much initiative and desire. We are so thankful for this!  Lew was potty trained at 4, so this has been the most pleasant surprise 🙂  She is very smart, but reserved about how much she knows….I’m always amazed at the things that come out of her mouth!   She’s sucking on those fingers less and less and not needing her “night night” so much either.  One of the most comical things she’s been doing lately is calling me “mom.”  I plead, “mommy?,” she chuckles and says with confidence, “mom.”  She’s growing up a bit too fast for me!!!

She’s been very fussy and attached lately, and always wanting to be in my arms, which has been hard to do while hobbling around on a cane…I know so much is changing in her world right now…Lewis is really growing up now and not her “partner in crime” anymore 😉 , she misses him so much when he’s away :-(, mommy is resting most of the time, and she is spending more and more time with other people as I wait for this nerve pain to subside.  She is very attuned socially and careful to notice changes, which there have been many of lately.   She knows Emma is coming soon too.  She is trying a variety of ways to get our attention right now, but we are patiently responding in consistent and deep love for her, knowing the Lord knows everything she needs and will provide abundantly to fill her up.  We are singing “Jesus loves you” often and reassuring her of our love for her, regardless of the silly things she is saying and doing to test our love.  We’re holding those boundaries, but also choosing our battles.  She’s been through these transition periods before and each time on the other side, her TRUE spirit shines.

She often calls Lewis her best friend, and Lewis told his teacher the other day that Hannah was his best friend too.  They are still two peas in a pod, although their honeymoon phase ended soon after we arrived here, which was followed by spurts of rivalry and bouts of “partners-in-crime.”  Now, she feels the absence of her partner-in-crime, but is still trying to hold us out solo!

She loves playing with her friends Rachel, Caroline, Ellie, Abby, and Sasha.  She loves dresses, her favorite color is pink, her favorite toy is “a pink toy,” her favorite food is carrots and yogurt, she loves tea parties, picnics, Minnie Mouse, playing at the park, and she loves reading books with me and “petting” my hair.  She is excited about transitioning to big girl undies 🙂

Oh, we love this little girl!  She is so precious to us.  So full of love and sweetness.  This is definitely the little girl I’ve always longed for.  I really wanted our second to be a little girl and the most precious little girl came to us.  I cannot imagine any more wonderful blessings than these two little beautiful arrows!  I can’t picture in my head right now the love and added dimension that a third lovely arrow will bring to our little flock.  I think Hannah is going to love having a little sister.

Flying High!

Soaring into the Sky
Soaring into the Sky!

We are on the 7 week countdown until Emma gets here, and today I was resting and reflecting on my littles and amazed at how God has grown them, even in the past few weeks, and how He has prepared them to welcome their newest little addition soon.

Here’s a little update on my little high-flying airplane 🙂

Wow, I cannot believe all the HARD work this little boy has been doing!  He is not just flying, he is SOARING into the sky!  As I reflect on this past year of his life, he has learned SO much and has had so many transitions.  In the past year, he has completed his first year of preschool at home with me, memorized and completed a whole year worth of AWANA verses in half a year, learned to swim quite a ways on his own, and lately, he’s grown tremendously emotionally and socially, starting official preschool.  His teacher said he’s doing fantastic now!!!  His wonderful teacher explained to me as he grows socially and emotionally and matures, the rest of the areas of academia that are harder for him will all of a sudden fall into place.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about his teacher, but one of the things I love the most about her is that she loves to be a team with me.  We put our heads together at Lewis’ first evaluation at preschool, about 2 weeks into it, and came up with a plan together.  We implemented that plan and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.  It was a grueling 3 weeks of holding the line for both of us, but we put forth strong hearts and helped Lewis move forward.  We fostered a little separation from his “partner-in crime,” Hannah, and encouraged more time with kids his age and older.  His tantrums are calming and are much fewer in number now.  I remember the day that the few weeks of strong defiance broke into tears…and shortly after that, came willing compliance 🙂  We made it and he is really soaring now on his own.

You did it!  You triumphed through your first year of preschool and savored that snickers bar too :-)
You did it! You triumphed through your first year of preschool and savored that snickers bar too 🙂

I have loved seeing the teacher that the Lord hand-picked for Lewis.  I have learned that Lewis LOVES structure and routine, that he needs very strict boundaries, and a FIRM, DETERMINED, but gentle and patient heart in teaching.   I have always known he needs lots of praise and consistent love, patience, and gentleness…but it is the latter I have realized he needs more of from me.  It is hard to always be present and focused and enforcing those boundaries, but he craves security within those boundaries and often still tests them to see how far he can go 🙂  He has a strong leader’s heart, is very passionate and determined in everything he does, is very busy and still can’t sit still for more than a few minutes, and often has so many dreams/visions, wishes and desires he’d like to pursue (which can translate into being a bit demanding at times), but he has learned that if he can listen, obey, be sweet and respectful, and patient and trustworthy that he will be given more trust and responsibility (and fun things to do!).  This has really been working well for him 🙂

His HEART is what has always captured my heart and delight.  Truly, this is the little boy I have always longed for and dreamed of!!!  We were so happy to hear those words, “it’s a boy!” around 7 months pregnant (he hid well!).  He has incredible infectious JOY, loves Jesus, is such a delight to us, is the LIFE of the family, has a VIVID imagination, has such a sweet and gentle, loving disposition toward me, a HUGE heart FULL of LOVE–towards his family and everyone, and a great desire to help others and give gifts.  He loves to give so much of himself.  He LOVES serving.  He LOVES adventure and often cries when we come back from weekend trips.  On our way back from Great Wolf Lodge, he shed quite a few tears and daddy and I reassured him that we would have another adventure really soon!  Daddy is excited to go camping in the next few weeks, so we’re looking forward to trying that together before little Emma arrives.  Lewis has a daddy’s heart and says he wants 21 kids now, instead of 10 🙂  I think as his comprehension of numbers increases, so will the children he wants 🙂  His friends right now are Xavier and Matthew.  He consistently wants to be a chef when he grows up, but said he wants to be a chef for his family, not a restaurant 🙂  Our favorite activity to do together is cooking.  I love my time with Lewis.

Some cute things he’s said and done recently:

* As we were going through the challenging phase of encouraging more independence with him, Lewis looked at me one day, very intently, and said “I’ll always be your baby forever mommy.”  I teared up and sang to him “I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be” and we cuddled.  His heart was at peace going to sleep that night, knowing he’ll always have a special place in my heart as my first baby 🙂

* When asked by his teacher what he wonders about, Lewis said “I wonder about how God created all the earth.”

* One day, when he was eating peanut butter and honey, one of his favorite snacks, he said emphatically, “Let’s feed the whole world mommy, with peanut butter and honey!”

* “I want to be a missionary!”

* “I want to be a doctor and heal the whole world!”

* “I love babies mommy!”  (He really is smitten over them and is drawn to them.)

* “I want to name Emma, EmmaLew!”

We’re so proud of you Lew!  Keep soaring high into the sky!!!  Let nothing damper your beautiful little spirit!

This Little Airplane is getting ready to take off on the Tarmac!!!

Zoom Zoom!!!
Zoom Zoom!!!

This big boy is learning so many important life…and flying skills right now!  He’s almost ready to take off.  We can feel it!  He is going through a major transition right now.  Inwardly, he is fighting this step.  I am struggling to understand what he is going through.  He is longing for more independence…but there are so many little stumbling blocks in his path.  He doesn’t like conquering these blocks, but it is time…and mommy is ready now to help him take off. His teacher told me 2 weeks ago, “the little airplane is ready to take off now…but there is one thing holding him back.”  I thought to myself…”perhaps himself?”  And she continued, “his mommy.”  Ouch!

There have been so many tears, defiance, resistance and so much struggle to every step of independence…and it has tugged on my heart often to push him forward because it has been so painful.  The other day, the consistent defiance broke into tears.  My prayers were answered and the wall was broken at last.

Lewis has always loved us helping him.  And it is my natural instinct to want to do that for him, but I am learning to fight that instinct, knowing what is best for him now.  I’ve wanted him to move forward more, but haven’t had the energy and patience lately to go down that road to help him take those steps to more independence.    It does pain me a little to see my little one really growing up, but I am ready 🙂  The Lord equipped me with a lot of helpful tips from his teacher that have really worked wonders even in the past 2 weeks for him :-).  We spent several weeks reading stories and doing activities to foster independence, and looking through baby books together to see all the ways he’s grown up since he was a baby.   We used natural boundaries and consequences and held the line firmly.  Brian and I huddled together to decide our absolutes and discussed the things we could let go during this time of resistance.  He’s spending more independent (not mommy- directed) time outdoors–when we are not still getting sleet and freezing rain (!), playing with kids his age and older kids (our sweet neighbor girl told Lewis the other day, “Lewis you are part of our clan now 🙂 “–he has such a desire to connect with other kids and his face was beaming!–they have 3 kids, are an amazing family that also home-schools, and their children are a delight and so sweet to my kids).  He’s getting more time apart from sissy, and is growing into his own self now.

Lewis has been in preschool for a month now and his teacher was cued into the long, intense tantrums at school.  She assessed him to be a bit far behind the other kids in a few areas that are really hard for him and met with me to discuss them.  He’s very determined to do things his way and loves to be in charge.  Despite the struggle with certain areas, Lewis and I have LOVED spending such sweet time together and learning together this year in homeschooling.  These are memories I shall always cherish.  It was totally worth it.  We persevered and finished up the year last week.  That last week was really hard though as we tackled the areas in which he’s not as strong. The more we try to work with him in the harder areas though, the more he resists.  The Lord has provided a STRONG, firm, determined heart in his teacher and 30 years of experience!  I am so thankful for her.  She’s willing to go the mile with him.  He has these tough phases every now and then, but when he comes out of them, he has the most beautiful little spirit!!!  We are seeing the fruit of that spirit already the past few days and can tell the major steps he’s taken to persevere and become more independent.

God is giving me a stronger heart and helping me weather the storms of the tough phases, followed by the beautiful phases.  My love for Lewis is deeper and more consistent than it ever has been.  Our parenting is more refined with each tough phase 🙂  Our relationship with Lew is being redefined now.  He is making these big steps to independence and we must continue to hold the line 🙂  We are so proud of his brave heart to move forward, despite his frustrations and fears.  I think we are going to love this redefinition as he grows and we must grow and change with him.  It is a happy redefinition for all of us.

And this little airplane is getting ready to take off on the tarmac now!!!


He speaks of resiliency to us, during this season of sickness for me and long hours of studying and classes for Brian.  So much teaching, so much counsel to our hearts.  “Rely on my strength.  Be perseverant.  Know without a doubt that joy is coming.  Seek those natural boundaries; be self aware to know what you need and when you need it, rely on natural consequences for those dearest little children, who are both in trying phases right now.  Be full of grace, patience, and longsuffering when working diligently with those littles.”  We cannot do it without Him.

There are promises of fun things He has planned for us.  He reminds us to have THANKFUL hearts.  Sweet unexpected words of comfort from friends and each other are provided.  He spoke to me as I passed through this sinus cold and allergies (when exactly did I get these???)….through a Matt Chandler film on Philipians–“colds, sickness is a GIFT to you to remind you that THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME–it is not God’s wrath.”  I needed to hear it once again.  I sat that morning at PWOC next to another woman who looked at me as I was sneezing and coughing and said, “I was so sick throughout my pregnancy–I think my immune system was just not as strong during that time.”  Another comfort that this will soon be over!  As my sense of taste came back the other day, I was much more thankful for the gift to be able to TASTE sweet food!

And then, A fun day in between of playing in the MUD with the kids!   I had been telling Lewis that this day would come soon when the time was right as we would head out the door for different things and he wanted to get dirty…he waited patiently.  And that day came!!!  I miss those days as a child of being covered from head to toe with mud with my very best friend: my brother.  We did everything together.  Everything he did with me was so much fun.  I was thinking of him that day, wishing that I too, could get covered in mud and that he were there with me  🙂  Hannah went first in the mud to get a baseball (what a surprise!).  She got stuck and so buddy went to rescue her.  He tried, but instead pulled her down into the mud and she began crying.  I went in to save them both and buddy planted himself in the mud like Hannah just to have more fun.  We were all giggles at this point and just had a blast playing in the mud while daddy was studying.  He was really sad he missed out on our mud day 😦  I guess we’ll have to have another one really soon 🙂

He’s giving us encouragement to keep reaching for the stars, to continue the path of cultivating that Holy Discontentment, and gave us a SWEET GIFT from Lewis’ mouth the other day that I shall write about soon.

As the day ended last night…and we were all so weary, Hannah looked into buddy’s eyes and said “Buddy, you are my best friend.”  We started off for bed and I picked up a book to read to them and unexpectedly turned to the page of Reaching for the Stars.  It was a lovely ending to a challenging day…and trying 2 weeks.



His Preparation for Her…

We have just 3 months to go now until Emma Faith is in our arms!!!  I get so excited to see all the ways the Lord has prepared our family for her already.  Lately, though, I am feeling a bit anxious!  ONLY 3 more months to go!  I have so much to do…  (At least I think I do 😉 )  The nesting is really starting for me now.

I have loved feeling her kicks, sitting down with the Lord to pray over her through a sweet pregnancy prayer/journal book, seeing Him grow my faith, hearing Him reassure me that He made my womb so strong and resilient, feeling Him grow her inside me, seeing His blessing to us over her name.  It’s so intimate.  The other day though, I was in Sunday School class, with a recent sinus cold (which came right after I took my last antibiotic pill, of round 3 from bladder infections throughout this pregnancy)…my tummy feeling a bit sick, pressure in my head, and my belly really starting to feel a bit more weighty now.  I can feel her growing bigger now each week 🙂  A sweet older man came up to me, asking me how I was feeling.  I think He could tell from my eyes how I was feeling…He looked at me sweetly and said, “do you know you are part of a miracle?”  These words have been echoed often to me with Emma.  I looked at Him and said, “thank-you for saying that to me today.”  I needed to hear it.

In these next 3 months, our prayers are for the Lord to prepare our hearts and home to His desire before her arrival.  We are praying for a joyful, peaceful, and faithful spirit for this little one.  We are very excited to meet her and are SO thankful for this precious little miracle to be in our arms.  I cannot believe I get to be part of His miracle of life.  I feel so oblivious really to everything He is doing to prepare her for life.  And oblivious to everything He is doing in us too.  The only thing I can really focus on is His day-to-day voice to me of what to do to prepare.  There is so much I haven’t done…but I am seeking Him in each thing I want to do , to make sure it really is something He wants me to spend my limited energy doing right now.

We are all wondering what she will look like, be like, and how she will fit into our family.  What dynamic will she add to the Tinklepaugh flock?  We know He’s created her perfectly for us and we are so excited to see His wonderful creation…to see what He has chosen for our family.  There’s so much excitement in the air!!!