We’ve gotten lots of snow lately!  We’ve loved it….the snow angels, the snowmen, the forts, the caves, the snow cream 🙂 It has reminded us to SLOW DOWN…as school was cancelled 3 days in a row…really everything was cancelled most of the week…we had to slow down and enjoy the beauty…and sovereignty of God. It […]

Little Hannah Cottontail :-)

Our “Pretty Kitty” Update: “Little Hannah Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippety hoppety, Easter’s on its way…”  This is what daddy sings along with the singing toothbrush she got as a gift 🙂  This is how we will remember her–her sweet face, cute little dimples, amazing smile, sweet cuddles, her deep love for buddy, […]

Flying High!

We are on the 7 week countdown until Emma gets here, and today I was resting and reflecting on my littles and amazed at how God has grown them, even in the past few weeks, and how He has prepared them to welcome their newest little addition soon. Here’s a little update on my little […]