What is your passion?

I’ve always loved this world.  However, sometimes, if not properly expressed, our passions can get us into trouble.  But, I think the thing I fear the most is to not live my life passionately for something…that I would just wonder through life without any real goals to impact the world around me…or even to live […]

His Story.

I’ve been reading sermons lately by Nick Lillo from Waterstone church in Littleton, Colorado about the Creation (Awe), Fall, Rescue, and Restoration.  It has been so pertinent to me to learn how God created things to be…how the Fall messed that all up, how we continue to fall…we have a curvature of the soul…that we […]

Escape from a Nunnery :-)

Today, as I went out to the commissary to buy a few things…I felt like I was escaping from a nunnery….this home has been such a beautiful place of rest for me…for so long now…as my strength is returning from having Emma and getting over another sinus cold, I have realized how long it has […]