Revelation that is sweet to our souls

God gives us new revelation when He sees us going off in the wrong direction…or when we are aimless and unsure…flailing…or sometimes in preparation for something He wants us to know or do to fulfill His will.  Revelation comes in His timing and in His way and is unanticipated.  It is from the heavenly realms. […]

Who God is.

I am in a state of awe and adoration of who God is.  The past few days have been full of Him.  Full of His love.  Full of His provision.  Full of His comfort.  Full of His prompting and equipping.  I have found myself in a season where God is filling us up…He is showing […]

The Dynamic Duo

This is my dynamic duo 🙂  They do everything together.  They love so passionately.  They are learning to love consistently.  God is showing me how to teach them to love.  This is my calling.  They are my sweet little disciples and nothing satisfies me more than teaching them about Jesus and showing them how to love […]