Alone Time with God

So many of us hurry through this alone time with God, but really it is the most precious time of the day. It is like a grandchild spending one-on-one time with grandparents–a time to be loved, focused on, built up. God anticipates this time with us. We should anticipate this time with Him also 💕 […]


As I sit today depositing money in my children’s savings accounts, I am contemplating how hard it is to save in today’s society. Things scream at us, falsely telling us that they will make us happy. Marketers seek to make more money using weak-willed people (that we can all be at times). As I deposit […]

Waking up declarations

Today, I wake up to a beautiful day filled with hope and promise. Today, something special will happen. Today, I will fulfill the promises I have made. Today, I will spend a block of time, even 30 minutes, pursuing a dream God has placed on my heart. Today, I will enjoy the 3 incredible blessings […]

Christ comes along.

Wherever we go, with our feet or our thoughts, Christ comes along. He listens, He hears, He knows our innermost thoughts. He knows our hearts perfectly.  Christ comes along. As Emma and I drove back from NC to GA today after a fun-filled week that Emma had with her grandmama, we played “I spy” and […]

Go with what you know.

I recently visited with some precious friends. They shared valuable insight in such a sweet and loving way. One friend I just met for the first time. They were such a comfort to me, seeking to help me heal and understand. I confessed that there is still much I do not understand in my daily […]

Deeper trust

You know I used to be called a little bit crazy for how I would openly trust Jesus and pray and rejoice over answers to prayer.  I know something has been depleted in me over the past two years, a little bit of doubt and hardship can move us further away from the direction we […]