Our lives add up to a simple sum of how much we give. How much do we love? How much do we care? How much do we offer the oikos around us? Do we offer them love? Good counsel? Joy? Peace? Hope? On St. Patty’s Day today, I am reflecting on what St. Patrick did […]

Experiencing hardship

I think we cannot experience God like we do when going through trials, hardship, suffering, persecution, and loss. Not everything is punishment. I have learned that hardship can come for us to simply know Him more, to prayer more fervently, to draw near to Him, to become stronger, to see and experience His presence. Sometimes […]

The Hard Life

This is the time of my life when I feel hard pressed on every side, but not crushed. At times afraid, but encouraged by my Heavenly Father daily. God is so good and I rest my whole life on this fact. One can not argue with facts. I believe that He is good and loves […]


Anticipation-I love this word. It hints at excitement, something good is coming. This is how I am to wait for the Lord. I am waiting for important things right now. Some things are much harder to wait for than others. Trusting God has my very best in mind and that I am dearly loved, holy, […]


There is simply no other way to live, no other foundation that can produce it, no other relationship that can sustain it, but in Jesus. We have faith because of him. In suffering, in good times, in coasting, and in desperate need. The promise for us to cling to is that FAITH IS REWARDED!!!

Resting in Him

There is so much going on in the world. I am the contemplative type and I like to process what is happening. I am reminded to not avoid bad news, but to pray for those experiencing pain and to know without a doubt Christ has already overcome. I am reminded of Christ’s power and strength […]


Psalm 23- 17-18: “Surely there is a future and your hope will not be cut off.” As I sit next to a sweet teacher friend whose last name is Hope…as I wonder how in the world I am going to finish this semester well…and help my sweet kids feel loved during all of this–My heart […]