Grateful today

Today I am grateful. I have to the right to vote that women fought for me to have. I have my freedom which soldiers fought for me to have. I have a warm place to stay, good food, and my beloved children to have and to hold. I pray for our nation today on Election […]

Fall Fun

This season is my favorite for so many reasons, but one of them comes from carving out pumpkins with my kids. As we stuck our hands in gooey mess this afternoon and the kids marked their designs on their pumpkins, we had fun talking about pumpkins and thinking about our favorite parts of fall and […]


What do I Hope in every day? What are my long term goals and concerns? I’m contemplating this verse: The hope of the righteous is joy, while the expectation of the wicked remains unfulfilled. If my hope is to know Christ, to follow Him, to be filled with joy, God will grant it. If my […]

Fall 2018

This fall is full. Full of friends, full of homemade crockpot apple cider, painting pumpkins, carving pumpkins, Halloween a music performance, field trips, dance parties at school and dance, a Fair, my eldest’s 10th birthday party….full of fun and memories. I am thankful to God for His big heart of love. His beautiful creation that […]