Faith on the sideline. Faith on the frontline. Faith in the front, Faith in the Rear. Faith all around. We have the most blessed God imaginable and He is more than capable. I know He is able. I rely on Him!


This week I must walk my 3 kids through a hard time. In 6 days, they will say goodbye to their dad for a 3 year assignment. They will only see him for a short while next summer. I ask for prayer this week. I ask for God’s love to cover my children. I keep […]


Run, just run. As I go for a run this morning and prepare for the kids’ and my camping trip to Pointes West. I reflect and hope we have a peaceful time. I hope this time will fill my kids up with delight, serenity, relaxation to get them through next week, a particularly hard week […]


Jesus, the one of many sorrows and suffering. He never tried to get others to understand the pain and suffering He had to endure. How His body must have hurt. How his sacrifices went unnoticed…Unthanked. People thought Jesus was a king. They wanted Pomp and circumstance. They wanted titles. They loved celebrating…but we cannot mistake […]

Thirst for salvation

When you truly love someone, you long for them to know Christ. You thirst for their salvation. You want them to know truth. The more you love them, the more your heart breaks for them to know Christ. It is unavoidable. It is undeniable. It cannot be ignored. Christ Jesus thirst for souls THROUGH us. […]