Go with what you know.

I recently visited with some precious friends. They shared valuable insight in such a sweet and loving way. One friend I just met for the first time. They were such a comfort to me, seeking to help me heal and understand. I confessed that there is still much I do not understand in my daily […]

Deeper trust

You know I used to be called a little bit crazy for how I would openly trust Jesus and pray and rejoice over answers to prayer.  I know something has been depleted in me over the past two years, a little bit of doubt and hardship can move us further away from the direction we […]


I love names and I have come to love the name of the Lord.  Jehovah is his name…but I love to think about all the other names He has, as they are so comforting to me. A little update on us– I know I don’t write nearly as much as I used to…and it is […]


I loved this beautiful video I just watched from Priscilla Shirer….on the subject of deception.  I have always thought that women are so easily deceived, but sometimes, when men are following “their hearts” or emotions, without comparing them with the absolute truths of God, they are also deceived. I love the Word of God because […]

Seared Conscience.

It aches my heart to see a person with a seared conscience.  God created us to be sensitive people, caring about and for one another, not seeking our pleasure over another person’s welfare.  He created us to have His law written on our hearts.  His Word says that His law no longer will be written […]

Our Redeemer Lives

This is one of my favorite songs.  It is so beautiful and I know it to be true.  But, how often do I trust God to redeem moments, times, seasons, that have been SO very hard? This has been my prayer lately, and although some of it is personal between the Lord and I, I […]

Life changed.

Each Easter I seek to really remember what Christ did for me. Each Easter I seek to remember that Jesus is Alive and with me…and very near and real. Each Easter I sense God beckoning me to lay more sin at the cross and lead an even closer walk with Him. Each Easter I pray […]