I have a dream…

As I talked this weekend with my kids about Dr, Martin Luther King’s dream, as we watched together his famous speech in front of Abraham Lincoln’s statue…we talked about dreams; having Godly dreams, as well as goals, and praying and working in partnership with the Lord to make them come true. I asked the kids […]

I have a dream.

I embarked upon taking the first step towards making a dream come true last night…attending my first class for this winter/spring semester towards getting my MAT in Early Childhood.  I’d like to take the GACE to be a secondary English teacher as well, but all of this waits as a challenge and quest for the […]

Your Word burns inside me

King David so eloquently put it…”even when I try to be silent, your Word burns inside me.”  I have found this to be true as a Christian.  The more you know Scripture, the more you study, the more you memorize, the greater the flame inside you, and it is uncontainable. Jesus is loyal.  Jesus is […]

Fixing brakes

Oftentimes, God crosses my paths with other strong believers.  I praise Him for it tonight because My Father tells me in His Word, “Do not forsake the gathering together of the saints.”  But, that can be hard to follow during certain times of the year, when it seems challenging to get together–people’s plans take them […]

Mercy Givers and Mercy Accepters

You have probably heard the term “undeserved gift” when describing Grace.  God’s grace is given lavishly as a gift to us, and not because of our performance, but because of His perfect performance, because of His rich love for us. God’s mercy is the same.  IT is given because we cannot live without it.  Have […]

God changed his name

I finished Max Lucado’s book “Drawing Near,” this morning and one of the last stories he wrote (the book is divided into little tidbit subjects that are a few pages long for readers to discover different qualities of Christ through the author’s experiences and also stories from the bible that the author analyzes in relational […]