God’s Glory

God never intended us to live for our own glory, to push our own agenda. He never intended us to wave our tassels around. Lord, help me to live a peaceful and quiet life. Lord, help me to honor you with not just my lips, but my heart and all my thoughts and actions too. […]

Keep Holding On

Sarah Young writes an incredible devotion for kids called Jesus Today. I loved today’s devotion as it helps us delve into the promise of God that heaven belongs to those who believe. So much in this world is constantly in flux, changing every day sometimes. This devotion reminds us to cling to Christ and His […]

Baby, it’s cold Outside

So…offer her a jacket, tell her if her conscience is not permitting a night’s stay at a man’s house, then you’ll drive or walk her home!!! I think it’s a beautiful tune, but it could have been even more of a classic with dignified behavior. You can be flirtatious while dating, but you can still […]

Advent (Peace Week)

As hope week ended, Peace week begins. I pray you all have not lost hope, but were encouraged. I had something happen that threatened to derail me, but God, in His Covenantal love comforted me, and supported me and encouraged me as I tried to make sense of something that happened. Sometimes it seems like […]

A Voice.

We have a voice in heaven…God hears. We have back-up cameras in heaven, God sees. We have power in heaven, there is a Mighty Warrior and an Army of Angels to defend us. Trials only make my faith stronger. I know my God will come through for me. I don’t need to think about what […]

Identity rooted in Hope

What is your identity in? Your past? Accomplishments? Character? I have to remind myself of where my identity is often, lest I get off track. My identity is in Christ, as a Christian, as a child of God. My identity is rooted and strengthened in God’s Word. By God’s grace, I have all A’s again […]