A Mighty God

I am amazed by how much God loves us every day. The depths He goes to, the consistency, the persistence, the detail, the perfection of His love. I am so grateful for His love for me, and seek to show this same kind of love to others. Hallelujah, we are so loved!!! Because we are […]

Jehovah Nissi

God IS our battle fighter. We can rely on Him. Sometimes, we find ourselves in battles we do not choose, but because of evil in the world, we have to fight. I want to fight with TRUTH. The Armor of God will be my battle armor. I have to remind myself to have FAITH in […]

Our Ultimate Provider!

A few months ago, I moved into my new home and unfortunately my HVAC was non functional and actually dangerous for us to live in. If it had been working, we could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning. I could have gone to court. I had a good case. I even found a lawyer who […]


As I shared recently with a friend-God is our Rescuer. His heart is so good and His desire is for our rescue and salvation. Don’t forget that God sees you, is not against you, and desires to rescue you from sin and trouble. Be immovable because God is on your side!

Filling the void

Pressing into our Creator’s heart and learning about who He is and what He desires from us fills a huge void in my heart. Worshipping Him, dwelling on His goodness, His will, His love, His grace, fills me in the deepest places. When I am full, I don’t need to turn to things, people, pleasures […]

Decide ahead of time.

When it comes to temptation, or difficult circumstances that you know lie ahead, I think it is helpful to decide how you will handle the situation (generally speaking) ahead of time. For example, how much will I eat at the BBQ?, how will I respond when attacked/accused?, how will I handle my kids when they […]

Hope we carry tight in our hearts

No matter what, we have hope. Hope that we are indeed saved. Hope for the future, because Jesus is alive. Hope that Jesus loves us for who we are today…right now. It is out of this unconditional love that we operate. And out of our absolute certainty of the hope that we have in Jesus […]