Marathon Days.

There really is no other way to put it.  My days feel like I am running a marathon…with my sweet little bed welcoming me at night. Things I am thankful for: I LOVE my Emma.  Her two-toothed grin and sparkling blue eyes light up with joy.  Her giggles bring unending joy.  She brings peace to […]

So much provision, so many blessings :-)

I haven’t written in some time!  The kids have been sick the past two weeks, and Lewis is going into his 3rd week of sickness now…all with different sicknesses.  My heart aches when my children are sick.  It really breaks.  After two weeks of pretty intense sicknesses, several trips to the doctor, and continued, new […]

Healing Rain…

It always amazes me how many times the Lord heals us…Brian woke up last night in the middle of the night with flu symptoms…he was aching, with a fever, and felt nausious and terrible.  I began to pray.  Then I fell asleep…and then the Lord woke me again at 5:30am…and I knew it was to pray […]

Hannah update!!!

Another Hannah update 🙂 We had to go see Hannah’s sweet pediatrician to update her EFMP before we move in DEC and we received GREAT news!!!!  Hannah no longer needs to be in the EFMP program!  She is all caught up and doing FANTASTIC!!!  The braces are helping to fix her ankles and everything else […]