We have ARRIVED!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tinklepaugh Family!!!!!

We have arrived at last to Kansas ūüôā ¬†Thank-you all for your prayers, texts, e-mails, and encouragement. ¬†They have been most beautifully timed and precious to us.

We are so excited to be here! ¬†The area was surrounded with snow when we arrived and the kids LOVED playing in it! ¬†Lewis could play in it all day…and Hannah informed me that it was cold and that she wanted to go “home” now. ¬†She associates her ‘winnie-the-pooh’ mat with “home” and so I am longing to get that out for her when our goods arrive at our new home next Tuesday so her little spirit and body can rest in her new home on her old mat ūüôā

We were so blessed to sign for a house the next day after we arrived. ¬†The kids were delighted to run up and down the wooden floors and check out all the fun hiding places in the home. ¬†They were so incredibly cute to watch! ¬†It is a beautiful historical home and we are so excited to call it our new home. ¬†The activities and opportunities to connect with other believers are numerous here…we are most excited about this!

I am excited to be able to get my first doctor’s visit in a week–at 14 weeks. ¬†A sweet lady at the hospital was able to get me seen two weeks earlier than I would have otherwise, so I won’t be 16 weeks at my first appt! ¬†I am beginning to feel better now, but have been often feeling very sick the past few months. ¬†I didn’t experience this with Lewis and Hannah, so it has been a bit of a surprise to me. ¬†This “little bean” is really giving me a whirl!

The past month has been one of constant traveling and staying in different homes/hotels. ¬†Our bodies and spirits are all worn out; we have really taken a toll from everything….BUT we sense the Lord giving us JOY and HOPE to be replenished and to have our MINDS RENEWED for this new year. ¬†We are looking forward to this incredible new location and new home and new wine the Lord has ready to pour into our new wineskins…that we are beginning to step into.

The Lord provided in so many ways during our travels. ¬†He provided mostly through amazing family members that helped us and provided for us in numerous ways. ¬†We are so thankful for all of you! ¬†The Lord continually provided, despite obstacles that came our way…and our silly errors–we almost missed both flights we had scheduled….each child up-chucked right before leaving to go to the airport…one in the stroller and the other in the car (as well as other times in our travels), other travel delays to the airport, little car scrapes and bumps to the truck before leaving Fort Irwin—BUT during each trial, the Lord provided. ¬†I have never seen so many people move aside during a security line at the airport…with no fuss or grumbling…we simply declared we had 15 minutes to get to our flight (at the Atlanta airport…which has many different terminals and trains to get to!)…and every person moved aside….we FLEW through the security line, and arrived two minutes before our flight was to take off…clearly having missed it…as a sweet voice came over the intercom that our flight was delayed a half hour and had moved gates…. ¬†We were in awe at God’s grace to us. ¬†We arrived worn out to our hotel and new home here…but were so happy and thankful to be here at last. ¬†The past few days in the motel have given us a bit of rest and focus for the weeks ahead, before we begin the major task of unpacking and moving in. ¬†We were excited to celebrate our new year with a new home and new location….a new season ahead of us…full of promises of JOY, STRENGTH, FAITH, LOVE and HOPE!

These are the verses of encouragement the Lord is giving to me for this new year:

~ “I also know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

~ ‘Give yourself fully to the adventure of increasing attentiveness to My Presence…focus your thoughts on Me…My thoughts embrace you in everlasting Love.’

~ ‘Relax in my Healing Presence…bring your mind back to me for refreshment and renewal…the sacrifice of time you spend with me pleases me and strengthens you.’

~ ‘Hide in the secret of My Presence, even as you carry your duties in the world. ¬†Do not be weighed down with problems and unresolved issues, for I am your burden bearer…in the world you have trials and distress, but don’t let them get you down. I have conquered the world and deprived it of power to harm you. ¬†In Me you may have confident Peace.’

These were inspired by ¬†“Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, a devotional book that several friends had recommended to me in the past. ¬†It has been a wonderful respite and opportunity to focus into the Lord’s heart and voice to me each day for the new year. ¬†And it has been wonderfully pertinent to me at this time.

I love the New Year’s! ¬†So wonderful and full of promise and HOPE…with no mistakes in it YET ūüôā ¬†! ¬†May the Lord help us in the little decisions we make each day to grow closer and closer to Him. ¬†May we choose to serve HIM and only HIM through each choice we ¬†make.

Happy New Year FILLED WITH JOY and HOPE to YOU!!!


Thankfulness, Prayers, Encouragement, and Glimpse into the future! It is time to go FORWARD.

Phase III is almost accomplished. ¬†Everything is just about ready to go. ¬†The movers come next Monday. ¬†The kids and I leave Saturday morning with Brian to drive to Vegas and then fly out the next morning to VA, as Brian takes care of the last minute moving details (well, he is handling the last step all on his own!)…I am trusting that the Lord will be there with him…to help him remember all the most important things ūüôā

The past week has been another filled with nausea…more than I remember with Lewis and Hannah….it has literally knocked me out. ¬†I went to the ER this morning, as there were no available appointments to go to before we leave…3 hours later, I received the meds I needed. ¬†I’ve never had to be on meds before in pregnancy, but I know these ones will make the rest of the first trimester much better for me during this move. ¬†I am SO thankful for this provision to feel better and be able to do all the things I need to do–to help the kids feel loved and stable and safe during all the changes, to help my hubby prepare for the movers, to say goodbye to sweet, tender friends, to close up everything on this side of the move. ¬†I feel much more useful now! ¬†ūüôā

I was so thankful for my last moments with Jiyeoung Laue, walking together, rejoicing together at the work that God has done in our hearts to fall in LOVE with the desert, and knowing, just knowing, that our paths would cross again sometime in the near future.

I am so thankful for the sweet coffee from PWOC ladies to say goodbye and the tearful goodbye and prayers on my last day of PWOC–such precious faces that have been so meaningful to me during my time here. ¬†You all will be deeply missed! ¬†I have LOVED praying with you and for you and have been SO blessed to have all of you in my life.

I was so blessed to see my little Lewis have his last fun playdate with his friend Aiden Moran…to sing him an early birthday song, and celebrate with him…and hug him so tightly, telling him he would miss him. ¬†What a sweet, deep love this little boy has for his friends. ¬†(I told him this when we got home and he said that everyone is his friend…and that he has a lot of love to give). ¬†And what a sweet moment for us to say goodbye to Kelly, Aiden, and cute little Braden. ¬†We have been so thankful for our playdates at the Morans! ¬†Kelly knows how to show the little ones a BLAST! ¬†Thank-you Kelly–I have loved getting to know you and watching our littles play so wonderfully and tenderly together. ¬†They really are such wonderful buds! ¬†I shall miss all of this.

As I was laying on the couch last night…as the nausea came to a pinnacle…I prayed the Lord would give me a thankful heart…a heart of praise…and that He would help me suffer somehow with joy for my sweet family. ¬†He changed my heart immediately and began to show me so many things for which to be thankful. ¬†I love when a prayer changes my heart. ¬†I know I cannot ‘will’ it to change. ¬†He changed it for me, and my heart flowed with praise. ¬†As I laid there, I heard the pitter patter of Hannah’s feet as she ran back and forth, swinging her arms so quickly, between daddy and I, giving us tea and making sure that mommy was feeling better. ¬†She patted my back, put covers over me, and sang me “night night” songs. ¬†Her sweet, soft voice and beautiful smile cheered me up right away. ¬† Buddy said prayers for me every night and was so obedient and respectful to mommy. ¬†Lewis and Hannah kept telling each other that they loved each other and played giggling, fun games together. ¬†Buddy sang “love songs” to all of us. ¬†And tonight, Buddy told me that he was so excited to celebrate Jesus’ birth soon!!! (How to celebrate advent during a move???–another answered prayer, that the kids would still get to feel, understand, and rejoice in the special meaning of advent and Christmas this year!) As I laid there, I heard my sweet husband reading and retelling bible stories to Lewis–ones he loves, and ones he is still trying to understand. ¬†He loves bible stories. ¬†And Brian loves telling them. ¬†I loved hearing them share the stories together! ¬†I realized how MUCH I had to be thankful for. ¬† My heart began to get SO excited!!! ¬†I knew this sickness would end…and my JOY HAD ALREADY COME!!! ¬†Just like He said to me–‘My joy is right there available for you, reach out and take it! ¬†I came to give abundant life!’

Today, I felt good all day, without taking the meds yet, and I knew it was a gift. ¬†We were able to have a sweet dinner with precious friends here, the Symonds, and laugh and enjoy each other’s company until late in the evening. ¬†The kids were delightful and filled them up–another hope and prayer come true–for them to fill others up with love and joy! ¬†I was so thankful for the gift of feeling well too, so I could treasure our last time together. ¬†I love this couple! ¬†What sweet, genuine, loving hearts they have. ¬†What a blessing and true joy they have been to us. ¬†Tina comforted me and made me laugh during my rough first year here…and now I can comfort her as well. ¬†I love how God uses friends to lift us up and rejoice with us. ¬†I love God’s beautiful plan for friendship! ¬†It is a sweet dream come true when God gives us those gifts.

Lewis has told his swim teacher, gymnastic teacher and all his special friends that he is going to take them with him to Kansas in the back seat…and that he will make noises for them so that they know he is still there with them ūüôā ¬†He really does know how to say a sweet goodbye ūüôā ¬†I know he will miss his teachers, as he always connects deeply to those who teach him and pour into him. ¬†Just today a sweet watch care worker from church and PWOC (Jo) dropped off the most beautiful card, pictures, and note for Lewis to keep with him always. ¬†It had words on it that I know will fill him up for years to come—a precious mark he has made in someone’s life–a special heart who he connected to and loved so deeply, and who loved him so beautifully and patiently! ¬†As others pour God’s love into him, He is able to already begin to fulfill God’s purpose for him to be a light and to love others so deeply. ¬†Thank-you Jo for this special gift to Lewis, for pouring into him and loving him so joyfully and deeply, for making him feel SO special, and for sharing with us the precious impact that He has had on your life. ¬†This fills my heart with joy!

Today, I made a picture of our journey from California to Virginia to see family, then Daddy’s journey from California to Kansas with Big Blue, his flight from Kansas to VA, our reunion in VA, and then our trip to North Carolina to visit our precious grandmas, and then our final destination from North Carolina to our NEW HOME in Kansas. ¬†It was a bit complicated, and it took a lot of paper, but I know it will help the kids process all the trips we will be making in the next few weeks. ¬†I shan’t post it because I am a terrible artist, and you might say, as Brian did “Is that a picture of an elephant?…or as Tina did “no, it looks like a trailer with a truck attached.” ¬†It was a picture of the United States ūüôā . ¬†A visual aid will help them process though, and it will help me process what is about to happen too! ¬†We are excited. ¬†We can’t wait to be with family.

As our time here really does come to a close now….I am left feeling so thankful and encouraged…I am leaving filled up with love by such precious friends…leaving with a whisper from the Lord of encouragement in several areas…and concrete direction into our future…a prayer prayed so raw and continuous throughout my time here.

When God speaks and gives direction and encouragement, my heart is lifted up to praise Him. ¬†He has gotten me through everything, provided in EVERY WAY for this move (just like He said He would!), poured out His love to me, and has made a way forward for us to move into the next step of our journey to Kansas. ¬†He is beckoning me forward now–It is time to go now.

As Brian and I reminisced the other night and talked about our time here and what we desire together for the future, we both came to sense the Holy Spirit speaking to us and giving us more spiritual direction. ¬†He is saying to us…as you leave,¬†step out of the old wineskins and into the new onesso I can pour the new wine¬†into your new wineskins. ¬†As we leave the old here, we step forward into new bodies, with new transformed, renewed minds, to accept the “new wine” He has to give us to speak into our hearts, to learn and apply to our lives.

We are ready!

See you on the other side–in Virginia…or perhaps Kansas!

Tender Goodbyes and Sweet Encouragement

This past week has been full of tender goodbyes.  Our sweet neighbors invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, along with other sweet friends.  It was lovely to share one last meal together before we depart.  Our kids adore theirs and will miss them dearly.

The next day we shared a yummy Korean dinner with our special friends from Korea, the Laues. ¬†They made delicious bulgogi and I tried my hand at chopchae. ¬†It was quite a process, but so nutritious! ¬†I have never cut up so many vegetables before! ¬†It was all so good and we all reminisced about our favorite things about Korea…one thing being the incredibly good food! ¬†We miss so much about Korea…but we all hope to be reunited there again someday. ¬†That morning, while I was chopping up the veges…I sat down to take a little break, and a song played in the background…one of my favorites. ¬†The words penetrated my heart…I knew it was just for me in that moment. ¬†Tears flowed from my eyes, as I knew the Lord was continuing to encourage me in so many things right now. ¬†Perhaps, soon, I can post that song here.

The next few days were filled with nausea, exhaustion, headaches, and a bit of a head cold.  It was a struggle to get through, but I have had two good days now and I am SOO thankful for my good health!  It is always so apparent to me when I am sick how much I take my health for granted.  It is simply an amazing blessing to be in good health each day!

I am able to pour into my family once again and that always brings me much joy. ¬†Each day, I am prayerfully seeking what really needs to be done that day, and the Lord is so graciously helping me. ¬†Everything is getting done, by God’s grace. ¬†And things that usually are really difficult are made so easy. ¬†I really am amazed at how well things are going, having moved quite a few times as a former Army officer myself and Army child. ¬†So many things can go wrong! ¬†Especially given that we had our orders just 3 weeks out from our move. ¬†So, we are truly thankful. ¬†And amazed at how He is providing in so many ways to make this a smooth move for us.

This is a verse God gave me this morning…He is continuing to encourage me and provide; He is making our paths straight, filling in our valleys, bringing down the hills and mountains for us, making crooked roads straight, and rough ways smooth. ¬†He is the Great God of Salvation and our ready Help.

Luke 3: 4-6

“A voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him. Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. ¬†The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. ¬†And all mankind will see God’s salvation.'”

Tender Goodbyes to Precious Friends…

As we wind down our last few weeks here, we get to spend time with such precious friends…the memories fill my mind…tears fill my eyes…I really don’t like goodbyes.

Today, we got to spend a whole morning with a family God has placed in our lives, who have been so very precious to us–the Seibert Family. ¬†We have gotten to know their 4 beautiful children, shared dreams together of having more children, Africa and adoption…shared trials together and victories. ¬†Melissa has calmed my heart and shown me how to have peace with multiple children, given me faith that we can somehow manage more by God’s grace, and shared the joyous news of new life…and comforted me in times of sadness. ¬†She speaks so comfortably and beautifully and makes everything sound fun! ¬†She has given me precious verses from the Word to speak beauty into my heart. ¬†I shall miss her and her family so deeply.

We are looking forward to spending more time with our precious friends, the Seiberts, the Ferreras, The McVeys, The Secrests, the Laues, the Johnsons, the Morans, the Harts, and my beautiful Prayer Group friends, as well as our bible study friends, PWOC friends, church friends, and more beautiful people God has allowed us to get to know here.  I want to spend as much time with all of them before we leave.  Hannah will miss her sweet friends, Millie, Kennedy and Alyssa and Lewis will dearly miss Deacon, Aiden, Aiyanna, Isaiah, and Shane.

We will miss our babysitters, Kimberly and Auburn so much!!!  We will miss their sweet personalities and their spunk!  They have been such an incredible blessing to us and our children have fallen in love with them.  Kimberly and Auburn have loved them so deeply.  They are irreplaceable and we are so sad to leave them.

Somehow, the Lord will help us say goodbye (hopefully, without being a total mess!) and make a new path for us into a new community. ¬†This, to me, is the hardest part of being in the Army. ¬†Leaving friends and making new ones…and in such a short time oftentimes. ¬†But, I am trusting that God will help us with this. ¬†It took me more than a year to move on from Korea ūüė¶ ¬†We are only in school for one year in Kansas, so I know I am going to need help with this one!


Phase 1 is complete!!!! ¬†Brian’s last rotation was really fun and really hands-on for him. ¬†He ended with a wonderful note and good feeling headed into his next endeavor in the Army. ¬†God provided in wonderful ways for the kids and I while Brian was gone quite a few nights in the field and I have LOVED learning to depend on the Lord in new and intimate ways. ¬†His peace was present and it was the best rotation for all of us…yet the busiest and with the most uncertainties. ¬†That is a wonderful work God has done in our hearts!

And so we move on to Phase 2! ¬†Preparation to MOVE! ¬†We received our final orders (with amendments) at the end of last week… 3 1/2 weeks out from leaving, but just as the Lord assured us, everything is going well and on track. ¬†I am learning to trust…more and more.

God has given us a special surprise in the midst of our preparations to move–a precious glimpse into our future…and what may be coming! ¬†We are excited to see how God’s plan unfolds….and to trust in His protection and sovereignty.

This month will be full of preparation and packing. ¬†We have 3 weeks to get it all accomplished. ¬†We have everything we need and HE is most faithful to be our ready aid! ¬†God has shown me that He will make the path for us–He will go before us and make a way and come up behind us and close everything off–the tender goodbyes, the sweet relationships…everything is in His hands. ¬†He is giving us PEACE, WISDOM, and UNITY in all the many things that need to be planned and decided.

He has given us FOCUS for our next Phase–MOVE OUT –and has helped us make decisions in how to handle it. ¬†And He has given us a verse and FOCUS for the next phase after that–VISITS HOME.

Mark 5:19:

“Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.”

His mercy has been unfathomable…his grace and blessings more than we can ever count or imagine. ¬†We can’t wait to see our family and be with them!!! ¬†We are SO excited about this part of our journey to Kansas!!!

From Purple Mountains Majesty to Amber Waves of Grain

From Purple Mountains Majesty


To Amber Waves of Grain

And so it is official…the orders are in…and we leave in less than 6 weeks.¬† And although we won’t be traveling by horse and buggy (although that would be a dream come true), we will make our 5 day journey from the high desert in California, with red and purple rugged mountains, to beautiful amber waves of grain.¬† What a beautiful scenery we will travel through…how diverse and incredible God’s creation is.¬† We are looking forward to seeing it as we travel through it.

Right now, we are breaking our trip down into several phases.¬† Phase 1 is to finish up Brian’s last field exercise (yoohoo!) (which is actually the calm before the storm ūüôā ), Phase 2 is to prepare to move (downsize home, finish up food, plan details of move).¬† Phase 3 will be the week the movers come–saying our goodbyes to our precious friends we’ve come to know here, moving out and moving into a hotel.¬† Phase 4 will be traveling to Kansas and traveling home to visit family.¬† And Phase 5 will be settling in to our new home.

There are so many emotions traveling through my mind…sadness to say goodbye, sort of stunned by all the things that need to get done before we leave and when we arrive, and concern for the littles and how all these changes will affect them.¬† Please pray for God’s love, peace, and grace¬†to surround us as we make this transition to our new home.¬† HE IS OUR CONSTANT.¬† HE NEVER CHANGES ūüôā