Prayer 2018~The Unfathomable Relationship.

Increasingly, I think I understand what is so wrong in a human’s heart and it is simply put in my opinion….the desire to RULE oneself.  I find this not only in unbelievers, but believers themselves…in fact I am frightened to find it in myself too. Prayer to me is unfathomable.  So many people do not […]

Road to Prayer

This is my road to Prayer ~ I’m excited about this ministry God has given me…to pray for others.  It is something we are all called to do.  I love that.  I have been reflecting on my road to Prayer Coordinator in PWOC, all the things God has shown and taught me–  Here are a […]

What IF ???

What if you knew that your prayer could save a life? What if you knew that your prayer could change a life? What if you knew that your prayer is HEARD and ANSWERED…in some way, right away? What if you knew the DEPTH of how God delights, cares, and ANSWERS your prayers? Regardless. I’ve seen […]

Healing Rain…

It always amazes me how many times the Lord heals us…Brian woke up last night in the middle of the night with flu symptoms…he was aching, with a fever, and felt nausious and terrible.  I began to pray.  Then I fell asleep…and then the Lord woke me again at 5:30am…and I knew it was to pray […]

A thirst for souls…

God wants us to have a thirst and hunger for the salvation of souls…as He does…and sometimes, the desire for salvation can be overwhelming for us…and of course, way outside our control.  We can only do the things God asks us to do…(plant the seeds)…and thankfully, the rest is in His hands.  There is weeping […]

Prayer as a Body

I am so very thankful for a prayer group that has begun 🙂  Prayer is so essential for each of us individually but prayer as a body brings miraculous answers…and develops sweet, loving bonds within the body.  It is essential to the body.  The body cannot survive without genuine prayer.  We have one Savior.  And He […]