Staying Refreshed and Encouraged in the Lord


Living Water to our Souls

I’m borrowing from a sweet friend’s words to me recently.  With my sweet, but VERY spirited and determined toddler, who’s throwing tantrums right now literally every few minutes (pretty explosive ones), my little Hannah and her developmental delays and medical stuff going on right now, and my loving husband in the field quite often, I am learning how to stay refreshed and encouraged in the Lord.  My life is not my own.  I am to put the interests of my family and others above my own.  But, when I get to the point of overexhaustion, distress, or have a downcast spirit…simply because I am pouring out more than I am getting filled up…then I am not doing what the Lord wants me to do.  How can I serve others well when I am going on an empty tank quite often?  I am learning to take care of my body, take care of my mind, and to FILL up my spirit–as often as I might need to (I wish I could read about the Lord and worship Him all day…but I cannot!).  God will show me how to do this each day (it might look a little different each day)…and how to communicate my needs in the way He wants me to (gentle, kind, pleasant, respectful, but firm and honest words)…and how to do this all along the way so I don’t get a build up of uncommunicated feelings. 

I am able to catch my breath right now and it feels SO good!  I am so excited today about the growth I am seeing in my little baby already with the help of EDIS (early developmental intervention specialist).  It is such a relief to have help when things are above and beyond my level of understanding and ability.  And it is so neat to learn new ways of helping Hannah!  I am so thankful for Hannah’s love of learning new things and curiosity.  This will serve her well!  What a cutie pie!!! 

Tomorrow, we get to focus on the medical stuff….one thing at a time!  God will take care of each thing…and I am trusting HIM with each moment…one at a time right now.  I’m so thankful that HE is enough for me.  And I’m so thankful that He equips me with everything I need to get through each day.  He won’t give me more than I can handle!  May I trust in this each day and focus on HIM: HIS qualities and promises, not my circumstances.  Praise be to God, our sweet and loving Father in Heaven.

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