Reconciliation: Christ’s Ambassadors

Don't be afraid to be Christ's Ambassador--He will make you Faithful

Did you know you can be an Ambassador? 

“God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them.  And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.  We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors as though God were making his appeal through us.  We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.  God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” -2 Corinthians 5: 19-21

What does this mean?  Several really neat things!

1) God is Holy; He cannot be reconciled to us except through Jesus Christ–one who is blameless, pure, and without sin.  If Jesus wasn’t holy, it wouldn’t have worked for God to be reconciled to us who are tainted by sin.  But, He was, and so now our sins are not counted against us.  Thank-you Jesus for the GIFT of reconciliation. (If I sit back and count all the gifts I have received from the Lord, just in Jesus Christ…I can never really be ungrateful, but instead, thanksgiving to God pours out of my soul because of Christ’s sacrifice).

2) We are ambassadors for Christ!  Did you catch that?  Not only are we full of sin and God had to sacrifice His precious, pure, Son to die for us, whom many do not even acknowledge nor for which are thankful…but God actually gives us another GIFT…to be ambassadors for Christ.  This gift of course is given to His children–those who believe and are thankful.  This is one of the most precious gifts to me.  On days when I am overwhelmed with my sin…God still gives me opportunities to spread His word (mostly quietly, but sometimes openly when the moment is right and the words from the Holy Spirit are on the edge of my tongue).  THIS is my greatest JOY.  I cannot believe He would let me do this!  Doesn’t He know I will mess it up?  (Yes, of course He does 🙂 ) But, the thing is…God’s WILL and PLAN for all of us cannot really be messed up or thwarted.  He is a patient God to let us carry His Message imperfectly.  But, God knew we would do it imperfectly.  And He still lets us do it.  He is Sovereign and the Maker of this world…He is in ultimate control, no matter if we get it right or wrong.  His Spirit Guides us.  His Plan remains.  His Word is immovable.  His Kingdom will come.

3) Be reconciled to God.  Hmm, we can try, but without Jesus, we cannot because we are with sin and He is without.  The two CANNOT mix.  So, this means that we have to first accept Jesus into our hearts if we have not…and then to accept Jesus into our days, moment-by-moment…dying to our sins and adopting HIS ways over our own (no matter what our feelings tell us).  It takes a STRONG person to have FAITH.  It takes denying those feelings that tempt us to Sin.  And choosing Christ over and over, regardless of the temptation to take things into our own hands.  Such strength.  But, remember, even the strength that you will acquire…will come from HIM. 

4)  We might become the righteousness of God.  Can you believe this???  Wow, so he lets us carry His message and be His ambassador.  And then He lets us adopt HIS righteousness.  I see God’s intimate nature everywhere I turn…but this is just awesome!  We adopt HIS nature and actually get HIS holiness…HIS righteousness.  He makes us look more and more like Him.  BEWARE.  There are those out there who call themselves Christian…but then attribute HIS righteousness as THEIR righteousness…instead of giving Glory to God.  Be careful that you do not fall into the same dangerous temptation.  But, don’t worry…God cannot be mocked and He will deal with them in the way that a loving (and HOLY) Father knows best.  Just don’t be like them.

I’m thanking Jesus today for the gift of reconciliation to the Father, the gift of being an Ambassador of His word (an approved workman!!!)…and the gift of HIS righteousness as I choose Christ (through His enablement) over and over throughout my days.

I’ve felt that fierceness come back again lately.  As I have experienced the weirdest sicknesses lately (after I wrote the last topic…the next night I became overwhelmed with back pain to the point of barely being able to move again).  Now, I am telling you this, not to get a pity party…but to tell you OUT LOUD…and to tell the ENEMY–I SEE YOU!!!  My eye is on you.  You cannot win.  You cannot defeat me.  HE HAS ALREADY OVERCOME.  HE REIGNS IN ME!  You have no power!!!!

I said to Brian a while back…does Satan really think he is going to win?  How stupid is he??!!!  Brian said, “No, Dawn, Satan knows he won’t win…but, in the words of the movie “Batman”…”Some people just like to watch the world burn.”  This made me SOOO mad.  I said, “you mean, He doesn’t even think he can win?  So, this isn’t about winning?”  Wow.  How evil the evil one is.  Do not let the Enemy have ANY power over your life.  He wants to watch you burn.  How’s that for arousing fierceness?  Christ will help you.  His word will help you.  Read it.  Memorize it.  Use it to fight that battle (Jesus did this too and set a great example for us as to how to do it -Matthew 4: 1-11…notice, Satan will actually use Scripture and twist it to tempt you too).  And watch Satan FLEE!!! 

Christ is gentle, but firm.  He is kind…but strong.  He is EVERYTHING that we need…and more 🙂

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