My Sweet Family :-)

Thanksgiving 2011
I am so thankful for the incredible time we had with friends on Thanksgiving Day.  Although many were stuck here working around Thanksgiving, and therefore, couldn’t leave, it provided an opportunity for people to gather together and celebrate Thanksgiving together, rejoicing together, for the life we have been given…and the friends we have been given.
I am so thankful for the sweet family that God has given me.  Some days are so tough and so long.  The day after Thanksgiving was a bit tough for the kids.  They both love the action and fun that comes with having company.  They love people.  So, today was hard for them and way too quiet!!!  Mommy tried so hard to find ANYTHING to make them happy today…to no avail…and then daddy came and saved the day and ran Lewis tired. 
I am so thankful for all the things God is showing me right now in our lives–we are seeking the Lord for many answers right now for our family–for now and the future…and God is ANSWERING our pleas for guidance and a glimpse of His Will for us…and specifically His calling for us.  I’m so excited to walk towards HIS plan for our family.  I know He has great plans for us: full of adventure and wonder–the delight of ENJOYING Him…deliverance…redemption…and the honor and joy of SERVING Him in whatever way we can.

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