My Calling :-)

The Lord has REALLY been putting the subject of His Calling on my heart the past few months.  I really think He’s brought our family to the desert to reveal His calling to us–each individually, and together as a family…and to prepare our hearts for it.  He may not reveal the whole big picture to us (He probably will not!)…but He’s slowly giving us glimpses of it…just enough for us to prepare our hearts for MORE.

On 8 August 2011, God first spoke gently to my heart about His specific plan for my calling…at least perhaps for right now.  I am sure it will look different at different times of my life.  This is what He said He wanted me to do:

To teach others to rely on God’s voice to THEM (through prayer and being Still); to decipher God’s voice (know and understand God’s heart through His Word) and to OBEY Him.  And the purpose of all this is to BEAR FRUIT.

On 24 November 2011, it looked like this:

To help women to discern the Holy Spirit’s voice and guidance (TO KNOW HIM MORE), and to help women recognize God’s gifts and blessings to them each day (TO LOVE HIM MORE).

Here are some verses that helped me understand my calling more at that time: Isaiah 30: 15-26; 31:1-3; 32: 9-20; 33:5-6.

Perhaps you are also seeking God’s calling for your life.  God does have a GRAND purpose for you.  He’s designed you specifically to work for His kingdom–here on earth and someday in heaven.  If you haven’t already received your calling, perhaps you can seek God’s will and specific calling for your life so you can PREPARE this advent season for the coming of the Lord’s birthday and the coming of His Kingdom.

One day, when we are in heaven, we want to REMEMBER the work we have done for His Kingdom here on earth.  It is the most significant work we can do right now.  This life is but a breath in comparison to eternity in heaven.  Let us seize the moment (Carpe Diem)!  And let us make every moment and every decision count for His Kingdom.

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