My Little Communicator

Peekaboo smiles 🙂
It is hard for me to believe that Lewis has come to the point where I would label him a “little communicator!”  But, I guess we all communicate–just in different ways.  Most of Lewis’  short life so far, he has communicated through grunts, tantrums, tears, meltdowns, yelling, running away, or physical retaliation!!!  Every way other than the way I would desire him to communicate with me.  HOWEVER, just the other week, his teacher told me that a child came to hit him at school (this happens a lot! …they are a particularly rough bunch 😉 ), and Lewis came to tell him what the child did and that he didn’t hit the kid back.  I was so incredibly excited!  You just don’t know how big a battle this has been for us!!!  Lewis has learned a lot at school.  He has been on the receiving end of a lot of physical bouts with kids since we arrived at this duty station and he has mostly chosen to fight back…he even began to be the provoker oftentimes.  If he sensed someone didn’t like him, he would just hit/push/kick first to get it over with.  It is amazing to me, that even as kids, we just don’t click with certain personality types.  You can just feel it in your spirit.  I saw this with him a lot.
Each week at school is easier.  He occasionally has rough days now–at school and at home…but NOWHERE near the difficult days/weeks/phases he used to have.  I simply cannot believe the child he is turning into.  A transformation has taken place right before my very eyes and I think it is so NEAT that I get to witness it taking place!

daddy and Lewis made this sweet puppy hat 🙂
All the moments we’ve taken to do the things the Lord wanted us to do with HIS child has made a difference in his life.  And you know what, the little boy who never would pray with us is teaching sissy how to pray now!!!  He tells her stories before bedtime, sings “silent night” (his favorite song right now), and then has her say her prayers.  This has been a mostly recent thing and very out of the blue for us.  It is in moments like that when I want to just cry and praise Jesus for how he works in our hearts.  It is in moments like that when I feel TRUE JOY in my heart and affirmation that the Lord really is present and working alongside us and in us every day.  Don’t you just LOVE those moments? 
He loves horses like his mommy!
My sweet boy is helping me understand the heart of boys as well.  As he gets better and better at communicating all sorts of things to me, I get insight into what things matter to boys and how they think.  It is a little scary at times when I wonder how I will help him through all the struggles he will go through when he is a totally different gender…but just as the Lord helps me with my sweet husband, I know He will guide me in helping my son, and when I cannot help him, the Lord (and his daddy!!!) will.  That gives me great comfort.
I just think boys and men are GREAT right now!  I LOVE their hearts.  I LOVE what they were created for.  But, I am not sure I can handle anymore in this household 😉 
This little boy has learned to be a better communicator.  He amazes me every day and I know I will learn a lot more about communication too through teaching him.  I just love where Lewis is right now.  What a cute age!  I wish that it would last forever 🙂

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