God is showing me so much through my sweet husband right now.  We are experiencing right now part of a promise of the Lord, that when two unite, they become one flesh–we are learning from each other and becoming more and more one as time goes on.  My husband’s Christ-like characteristics are such a testimony to me and it just happens to be that the very Christ-like qualities I am desiring right now are the ones my husband is most powerfully displaying (without me telling him a word about what I have been praying for!).  God is showing me what my prayer looks like in human flesh, right in my own household.  I think that is pretty amazing!  And I think my husband is pretty amazing too!

Last night I got to celebrate a triumph in my husband’s career with him. (I haven’t been able to witness too many of these either because of our long and frequent separations in the past, so it was extra special!)  I saw the Lord pouring out His blessing to my husband and our family…and my husband’s humble attitude and sincere appreciation and thanks to the Lord and everyone who played a part in helping him get there.  I am most grateful, not for his promotion, but for the humble heart my husband has and his awareness of the Lord’s grace to our family.  What a witness he is to me.  I am truly thankful for the opportunity to grow closer to Christ by learning from my sweet and dedicated husband.

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