God’s Comfort and Blessings to us right now

God’s comfort and blessings oftentime come through other people, and when other people aren’t available, He reaches His loving hand down and does the work Himself.  But, I think, He likes to work through other people.  He wants His children to love on each other….just like I want my children to love on each other.  God has used some people in my life recently to comfort me and restore me, when I was down, and each in different ways.  I feel SO blessed and SO encouraged. 

I am so excited today because today is day 4 of maintaining somewhat of a schedule around here!  I have really struggled with that (and I only have two kids!!!), and I am not sure why, because it used to be so easy without kids!  The minute the kids start struggling or the tears start flowing, I cave, and our plans are canceled oftentimes.  And when they aren’t, we all get sick and they get canceled anyway!  At least, this has been my life for my time here so far in the desert.  BUT, I have realized that my kids indeed need SOMEWHAT of a schedule (some of you scheduled moms are nodding your heads right now, saying of course they do!).  I love laid back days with no particular plan, except the fun ideas that pop in my head…and I think I am somewhat recovering (and rebelling!) from a very rigid schedule in my Army days…and I still prefer the laid back schedule…but it simply is not working for us anymore….!!!  So, I tried very hard to find a reasonable schedule for us to maintain this week….and there have been tears…and I have wanted to scratch the schedule…but, my memories of sickness and loneliness and cabin fever are far too near and I have held fast.  We CAN do it! 

I have noticed changes in my kids already in the first 4 days.  They both are LOVING being around other kids more…and Hannah is just starting to get to do that being just 17 months…and she has–out of nowhere–really wanted to start walking the past few days!!!  She is seeing other little ones  walk (Lewis is just too big for her to catch up to!) and she has FINALLY decided she might want to do it.  Mommy is most relieved because I have been running out of ideas and really don’t want to have to do that MRI of her head that the doctor recommended for her last week….I keep thinking, “good grief Hannah, just walk already!!!”  But, both my kids have been late developers and I should be used to this.  I really want her to be happy and she has been SO frustrated and weepy the past 3 weeks.  She wants her independence!  She is a very independent baby/toddler already (and always has been) and gets weepy all the time around me…and when she is away, she is very happy.  And although, this is a HUGE change from my firstborn son, I am getting over taking it personally, and being happy for her independent spirit.  I can relate, so I should understand!!!  I have started leaving her with other people, and she is much happier and I am much happier.  My son was always the most happiest with me, so it definitely is an adjustment, but she is CHANGING and GROWING and HAPPY having time away from mommy…even at 17 months.  I am proud of her little spirit and think that this is just the thing for her right now.  Lewis loves being social and Hannah loves her independence and mommy is getting time to do other things and get rejuvenated.  All is well this week and I hope we can keep it up!

I am so thankful for the people who have reached out to me and lifted me up and encouraged me. 

I am so thankful Lewis has had over a whole month now of awesome behavior with other kids, so mommy can have a peace of mind when leaving him places!!!  And not have to stay at home all the time working with him!

I am so thankful for my baby girl’s independent spirit that thrives on learning things on her own.  It has been a huge respite for me and continually reminds me to let her fly and be there for her when she falls.  And for the the fact that she has dropped her morning nap and we can go out and do things together once again!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have time with each kid on their own because of the wonderful programs and activities available here.

I am so thankful for the programs available to help me release stress, push myself, and connect with other women and believers.

What a HUGE answer to prayer these past few days have been.  I am thankful for the opportunity to gain perspective today and reflect on God’s comfort and blessings to us right now.

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