6 beautiful years….

Tested and True

Psalm 18:2:

“The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

Yesterday, Brian and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary 🙂  Tonight, we had a night to celebrate together (without the munchkins)…and it was perfect.  Taking me back to our old days, with just the two of us, it brought back so many sweet, but also trying memories.  Brian and I were separated due to deployments, career courses, jobs, and babies for 3 and a half years-our entire engagement and the first years of our marriage…and our first assignment as a family was overseas in Korea with Brian in command…traveling several days out of each week, with troops spread out all over the peninsula and his headquarters between 3-7 hours (depending on traffic) away.  We were in a small Korean town, near a small troop-focused Army base (that nobody knows about!), which wasn’t the most family friendly base.  And here we find ourselves at Fort Irwin, a very isolated Army base in the middle of the Death Valley desert, with my man in the field, training soldiers two weeks out of each month for deployment.  We have had so many obstacles come our way in so many different areas….I look at this picture, recently taken of our family, with the desert winds blowing hard, but we are GROUNDED in HIM.  HE is our solid foundation.  HE is our ROCK.  We are so weak and feeble, but HE is so STRONG.  We cannot be shaken, because He has made us strong.

Our love is tested and true.  God is joining our hearts together, through tests and trials, and sweet, sweet victories in Him.  I LOVE the direction our family is going.  I LOVE the work the Lord is doing in our hearts and in our marriage.  It isn’t easy right now.  The circumstances are trying.  The tests and trials keep on coming.  But, one thing I know: HE will not let our feet stumble.  And He will make us glorious, as He is FULL of glory.

I love you Brian.  You are the most dedicated family man I have ever known.  You are amazing and I KNOW how much the Lord loves me through the death and resurrection of His glorious and one and only Son…and also by the fact that He gave YOU to me.  You are a daily reminder, a tangible reminder…of How deeply He loves me.  I feel blessed and FULL of His love and grace tonight.  Totally undeserving…and totally thankful!!!


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