The Lord EQUIPS with STRENGTH!!!

The past few days I have felt the Lord powerfully equip me in so many ways…I am so thankful.  I sometimes get overwhelmed with the spiritual battle and forget how to fight the the fight.

Here are a few ways that He has equipped me the last two days:

* A reminder to keep on schedule (and tweak our schedule a bit) to help with the chaos and fit in those workouts to take better care of my temple.

* Reinforcement of the Lord’s voice to us in our parenting through sermons and examples.

* Prayers answered in parenting in fruit showing in our kids.

* Encouragement from friends and inspirational stories.

* A reminder for healthy eating and to take those vitamins 🙂

* Praise music flowing through our home 🙂

* God’s Word (The Powerful Sword to defeat the Enemy), Voice (Always brings us Peace and Clarity), and Guidance through both of these (helping us each step of the way).

* Many reminders to not let my mind rehearse any attacks made by the Enemy, to take EACH thought captive to Christ (I find that letting myself think any thought that doesn’t line up with His Word leads to a flood of unglorifying thoughts and becomes a fierce battle that I am incapable of fighting without Him rescuing me), to not worry about the future, to do my part and pray with thanksgiving, instead of worrying about anything….even if it is something that seems worthy of worrying about!!!  Prayer solves everything and brings PEACE and I am so thankful for that.

* Enablement to enjoy the fellowship of the Body of Believers.

* Thanksgiving!!!!

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