Hannah’s story (continued)…

Here’s a long awaited update on Hannah’s braces!  🙂

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We went to see what kind of braces Hannah will need, and thankfully, the doctor decided she would need a less intrusive kind of brace called an s.m.o.  I was trying to picture a ‘just-learning-to-walk toddler’ in new braces…and really wondering what that would look like.  To my delight, the new braces are so small and not intrusive and allow Hannah to walk around and keep developing normally with walking and running, as well as fixing her feet!  The greatest surprise of all was how much she LOVES her new shoes!!!

I told her at the doctor’s office how special she was to get these new shoes.  And how pretty her new shoes are (they are purple with butterflies on them 🙂 ).  The appointment was only 15 minutes long (after a 2 hour drive or so)…And then…we went more shoe shopping!  We went looking for shoes that would go over her new braces.  She got to pick them out.  We got two of them…a pair of sneakers and a pair of pretty shoes.  She likes the pretty ones far better and hits my arm and says, “no, no, NO” when I put the sneakers on.  She LOVES BOTH her pair of shoes!  It is really hilarious.  She wants me to put them on as soon as she wakes up (we tried having her wear them at night and she woke up every hour through the night with a painful cry…so daytime braces it is).

What a huge blessing this is from the Lord.  Who would have thought that she would want me to put her braces on?  Who would have thought they wouldn’t limit her very much?  I am so very thankful for God’s constant blessing and grace to us.  And so very thankful He is fixing her feet!  So beautifully and sweetly and gently for Hannah.  That is the God that always captures my heart.

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