Beautiful day….

The past week has just been exhausting for me for some reason.  Each and every day has been a struggle to physically and emotionally get through.  My body keeps crying out and today I actually fell asleep on Lewis.  He woke me with a kiss and said, “Wake up Mommy!”  He learned very well from Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty 🙂 ).

Lewis and I have a lot in common.  Some days it makes us clash…other days, we are just totally on the same page with everything.  Today, I was feeling that God was distant.  Just as I started feeling it, Lewis said to me “Mommy, where’s God?”  I froze.  Did he feel it too?  I don’t know for sure, but I took the opportunity many times to tell him today, as I was also struggling, some days God feels distant, but He’s not really.  He’s right there.  That’s when our faith has to kick in and we just have to trust and obey and KNOW without a doubt that He’s as close as He is when we really feel Him.   Later that day, when I put Hannah to bed for an early nap (she’s teething and has been crying for hours each day…but thankfully, it hasn’t affected her sleep too much this time,)  Lewis and I sat on the bench out in our back yard and talked.  I talked to Lewis about thinking Godly thoughts…that when our thoughts just are flooding us and are not thoughts that are pleasing to God…we just have to stop and start thinking Godly thoughts.  I explained that Godly thoughts were staight from the Bible–God’s Word.  We think HIS thoughts and nothing can defeat them!  They are everlasting words.  I’m not sure if that made any sense to Lewis…but I felt prompted to tell him…and we both felt the struggle today.  Lewis did a lot better than I did…I really cannot believe the big boy he is turning into…most of the time it just makes me want to cry….but I am also most proud of my special little boy.  The direction he is headed makes me want to put so much more effort to be the kind of mommy that is worthy of discipling him.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.  But, I am going to triple my efforts and pray unceasing…and this old is going to pass…and the new is going to come!  To Him be all the Glory!

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