Goodbye Scubiedoo!

We didn’t get to have a farewell party…Scuby was taken before we even knew it… 😉  What a faithful car she was to us.  Never broke down.  Only ran out of gas once…one mile from the gas station…driver error 🙂  The Lord made it so easy for us to sell her.  We are so thankful…because about the only thing I knew to do…was to make a “for sale” sign…and pray. 🙂

I am in awe of how He truly takes care of our every need and every desire…how He makes level paths for us…and encourages us to trust Him more and more.  We are going to trust Him to help us live more simply now…more and more as we can bear each day…each year.  My hope is that we can stay with one car…at least for this assignment and our next one…but, that might be a challenge!

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