Unexpected witness…

These are the moments I love the most in witnessing for Christ…the unexpected moments…the moments when I am not ‘trying’…

The other day was full of shepherding my little ones hearts…and I was drained…and was at the pool with my kiddies, which is usually a time of respite for me (now that I don’t have any babies in the house…) and my littles were swimming all around the pool in their floaties.  I sat next to a woman who I’d never seen before and didn’t have even an ounce of energy to ‘pour out’ to her.  I smiled and chatted with her, but there was no seeking to witness.  There was no seeking to be a light.  I was still and quiet.  She was very chatty and wanting to talk and ask me everything.  Normally, I would have loved to do that and to see where her heart may be, to see where the Lord might be leading her, etc.  But, sadly, I didn’t have anything to give in this moment.  Hannah walked up to her little girl and offered her a ball to play with (which was a miracle for my little 2 who is learning hard to share 😉 ).  The little girl played with the ball and with her.  Her mommy asked me all about my schedule.  I told her without any reservation or wondering.  She was quiet.  She told me that they’d been there for 3 months and her daughter had not played with any other children, she was so shy.  She was astonished that her daughter was playing with Hannah.  She asked me if she had to be “religious” to go to PWOC.  I told her she did not need to be.  She said she wanted to meet people.  I said she should come and I’d love to see her there.

It was time for us to go.  I couldn’t believe how Christ could continue to use me when I was so exhausted.  I loved the fact that it was all Him.  I loved that it was so simple.  She was ready and wanting and willing to go…she just had a major consideration….  She reminded me of me when I was on a mission trip that I thought was an academic trip…and I was the one saved.  I love ministering to the unsaved.  I was called out and chosen.  And I am ever thinking of those that God is continuing to call out and has chosen.

God is showing me the area of ministry He has given me.  It is first and foremost to my husband and children.  And next to the unsaved.  He has given me a hunger and thirst for souls to be saved from darkness.  He called me out on a mission trip.  And every day is a mission trip for me since then…a calling to witness and love the unsaved.

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