Lessons in Holiness…(Faith in the Desert–the 2nd year!)

I have LOVED going to the Pursuit of Holiness class at PWOC.  As I wind down to 3 classes left, my heart aches.  I have treasured getting to know the sweet and thoughtful ladies in my class.  God has taught us so much about Holiness.  Our teacher, Mrs. Aida, has bestowed so much wisdom and knowledge to us…and has set a wonderful example of holiness before us.  I am so thankful for her and the love and wisdom she has poured into us.

God has shown me His standard of Holiness in this class and a cleansing book I happened to be given beforehand.  My heart has been troubled the past few weeks as I see His standard sailing so far high beyond my ability….the Knowledge He has given me of Holiness is far above my practice of Holiness…and it seems this will be a lifelong process…I am excited to grow though, knowing I will always fall short in my humanity…but also knowing, He will continue the good work in me of making me Holy.

I have learned to live and walk in GRACE.  And I am loving that.  That was a new concept God taught me here…and it relieved such a huge burden on my shoulders and propelled me forward.

I have learned to ‘calm my anxious heart’…and not be such a “stress monkey” as Brian used to call me in our early days together…and trust God for the details, as well as the big things.

I have learned to trust in God’s voice above all others.  Thank-you Julie, as you have said this to me so many times and I think I really understand what this means now….I hear His beautiful voice above all others and it sustains me, loves me, and inspires me every day.

I have learned to praise God continually no matter what happens!  Thank-you again, Julie, for always encouraging me to do this!  He is so worthy of our praise!

I love how God has given me a deep love and satisfaction, a deep acceptance of myself that I’ve never had before…not for the person I will be…but knowing I am completely and fully loved right now as I am.  He has shown me my true identity in Him and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  All because of the blood of Jesus.  I am so thankful.  His Word has penetrated deep areas of my life that needed healing…and He has given me a sense of WHOLENESS in Him.

I have learned to turn to Him first for comfort, direction, wisdom and understanding…for everything–this was a lesson that came through a very deep trial for me…a few months ago.  He has become my everything here in the desert.  His Word has become LIFE to me.  I have learned to live by it everyday….it speaks LIFE into me…and I cannot live without it.  His Spirit sustains me…I have become acquainted with Him….I cannot live without Him.  I often wondered in the past few months why I had to go through this particular trial a few months ago…anything but this…the most dreaded trial in my mind….but HE willed it and showed me I may never fully understand why.  He brought me through it in such a tender, loving way.  I have learned so much more about Him….and have trusted Him more than ever before–with my heart, my emotions, my future, my dreams.  He spoke healing into my heart and body…and is bringing forth LIFE once again….in so many ways…  I praise Him for His sovereignty.  He gives and He takes away….all for His Glory.

God has given me such important lessons…I feel as if He brought us here to refine us deeply…much of it has been painful…but at the end I see the BEAUTY.  And this beauty is what I am taking with me…to the promised land of the future—walking each day in TRUTH, LOVE, JOY and BEAUTY with Him. 🙂

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