Letter to My Man :-)

I love the way your cowboy boots click when we are walking together…these boots you’ve had for a long time…even before I knew you….it reminds me of those early days 🙂  Cowboy boots and a red toyota tacoma….you said you were an urban cowboy.  And this girl, who dreams of a horse and buggy, and a log cabin on the mountainside…didn’t know what an urban cowboy meant…but surely loved the cowboy part!  🙂

I love to hold your soft hands, the most beautiful hands on a man that I’ve ever seen.  Yes, you would make a wonderful hand model 🙂  But, the Army life is the one you’ve chosen…  And I’m ever so happy to go down this road with you.

I love your gentleness….your patience, your sweet tenderness…I knew you’d be a wonderful daddy someday early on….when you nicknamed me “big baby.”  🙂  How wonderful a husband you have been to me.  How much grace and love you’ve poured into me.  You pour out so much to us all the time.  You long to be with us more than anything else.  You can’t wait to finish work to hurry home to us.  You make our dreams come true.  You talk with me for hours about poopies, owies, subtle changes in our kids outlooks and behavior….you argue with me about cutting their hair…still…  Your kids are all over you when you are at home.   They forget that they have a mommy.  And why shouldn’t they?  You are everything wonderful to all of us.  And I know I would run to you if I had an owie too…you are always the one I run to.


Your big baby 🙂

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