~The Journey ~

Sometimes, it feels that dreams are so far in the distance…the steps that are taken seem to be in the wrong direction toward that journey.  But, God works in different ways than our minds can fathom.  He knows our hearts and leads us on this path, this journey…but the steps aren’t always in a linear path.  Often, they stop in different places then we imagine…as our hearts conform to His plan and His desires.  I know my dreams still wait for me in the future, I know the goals He has set before me.  As He refines those dreams, and conforms my heart, I know I am actually still taking steps toward them and am learning to really enjoy His presence and fall in love with His heart in the journey.

I am learning to find Him in each moment around me…sweet gifts He wants me to unwrap and unfold and enjoy.  Some moments, those gifts cannot be seen around me, but are within…His presence dwelling within me.  I am learning to SEE Him in everything.  This is my greatest gift right now.

Little Hannah Grace was my gift to enjoy the past few days.  Her soft, beautiful voice, tender touch, precious cuddles, her sweetness and grace…she is so beautiful to me….a gift I could never imagine on my own…that has been given to me by His grace.

My mind is returning to the present…my dreams are being continually set aside, and I am focused on unwrapping and enjoying the gifts He has planned for me today 🙂

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