Little Nuggets of Joy :-)

This past weekend, we went to Great Wolf Lodge and had a nice respite together at the water park there.  I went in faith.  Faith that the littles would do well in the hotel, faith that my body could handle the trip, faith that my mind would be strong to weather the hiccups that are inevitable in traveling.

This morning, as I have time to process, God gave me so many little nuggets of joy to remember.  My husband was so strong in serving the family so selflessly, so joyfully.  My kids were so strong and joyful!  They did so well in the car, so well in the hotel.  They had so much fun.  It was wonderful to see the delight in their faces.  Lewis was the brightest light and was so selfless and tender with all of us.  He is developing such an obedient heart.  Hannah slept in a bed for the first time and slept all night long!  This was mommy’s greatest concern 🙂  There were hiccups along the way, but the Lord brought us through them all, and gave us surprising REST throughout the whole time.

I am so blessed to have a husband who wants more than anything for me to be happy and encouraged and provided for.  I am so thankful to rest without any stress or burden on my heart to get things done.  I know he will be content with whatever I get accomplished during the day and strong to do the rest of what needs to get done.  The kids gave me their horsey pole to hobble around on as a crutch, as deep sciatic nerve pain on my left side has really crippled me the last week.  The Lord also provided so graciously through a friend who is a physical therapist and showed me some exercises I can do, and through some tylenol.  I am almost through another long sinus cold…and I have hope that this might be the last one, as the pollen subsides and summer arrives 🙂

I know as these memories of pain grow older, all I will remember is how sweetly my family has loved me….with perspective, it is actually quite comical.   My kids really have the concept of the importance of rest!  Hannah tells me often she needs to go rest….Lewis has been so sweet and understanding to give me some space while I rest 🙂  The kids hold my hand as I hobble around the house to get things done.  Their favorite place to be is with mommy resting 🙂  And jumping on the bed 🙂

Getting things done has always been so important to me; it has always given me such deep fulfillment.  Most days have gone by the past 9 months and I  haven’t felt accomplished whatsoever!  I have found contentment in learning to peacefully rest, and finding little ways to bless and love my family.  And you know what, they are just as happy and fulfilled with the little things I do to bless them as they are the big ways.  As I joyfully serve them and love them in little ways, I see a real contentment develop in their faces, and I see their little spirits blossom with real joy—joy in being with family, loving each other, serving each other, and learning about God’s ways together.  I see pure hearts.  I see deep contentment.  I see a greater love for Jesus and appreciation of God’s blessings.  My husband is changing in so many ways right now.  His relationship with the Lord is deepening.  He is learning to rely more on the Lord’s voice and direction and less on his own understanding and to walk in faith.  How hard that is to do as the leader of our family.  Our hearts crave understanding.  I see my heart changing in so many ways too, my walk deepening and maturing.

This week and perhaps today, we are to get clarity for our months ahead.  We are supposed to find out whether we stay or go next December, and we have a possible hint of where we might go if we move in December.  We are learning to follow Jesus, step-by-step, even if and when the journey takes us on a different turn than expected…than where we felt led.  We are following faithfully with the understanding and direction we are given each day.  And this is the journey and life that He asks us to live–in FAITH, trust, and obedience.

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