June 2013…a Time to Reflect and Rejoice!

Rejoicing over our little miracle....

Rejoicing over our little miracle….
SO big!!!
SO big!!!
reflecting on our journey together...
reflecting on our journey together…
Little wet kitty :-)
Little wet kitty 🙂
Hannah's first picture of daddy!
Hannah’s first picture of daddy!
big blue eyes...
big blue eyes…
bows last for maybe 30 seconds...but short haircuts work for now!
bows last for maybe 30 seconds…but short haircuts work for now!

This month has been such a sweet blessing to reflect and rejoice in HIS faithfulness and miracle of life.  Emma is 38 weeks today…and I can’t help but ponder how glorious and faithful God has been as I reflect on this journey together with Emma.  There have been a lot of hard moments for my body and mind, as Emma has sailed through with such health and strength throughout.

My faith has been tested and grown….

my understanding of God’s deep love for me solidified in so many ways….

my knowledge of who God is and who I am deepened….

a time to revel in His infinite Creativity and MIRACLE of life within me…

a time to learn to rest in peace and trust….

and learning how STRONG He is in my weakness.

We are rejoicing in this little miracle of life!!!

I have been given such sweet last days of wonderful health to CHERISH and ADORE these last few moments together with Emma and also with Brian and the kids in our last days of being a foursome.  I am sensing something special about these last few days with Emma…something to cherish deep inside my heart…as the future is so uncertain…but it is always in His hands.

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