Date with my Princesses :-)

Today I had a date–with two of my special princesses!  Wow, I LOVE having two girls!!!  One held on tight to me wedged inside my ergo…her little fingers curled around the top of my shirt…she was holding on and snuggling so tightly to me…and drifted off to sleep….the other sat in our stroller so sweetly as we went for a walk in a light drizzle of rain.  We saw 6 firetrucks, a beautiful fountain in the pond, mushrooms, acorns, and a lawnmower..and a rather beautiful cemetery….all things Hannah had really been wanting to see 🙂   Her spirit was so soft and sweet…so tender with me…I love these times with Hannah.  I feel as though her toddlerhood is slipping away though…I want to CAPTURE these moments in my heart FOREVER.  Her soft voice, her developing obedient spirit…”I will!”  She doesn’t like to be chastised for anything and tries her best for mommy.  She is such a sweet “Hannah mommy” to Emma and loves being with her.  She has a remarkable memory, is very perceptive, graceful, sweet, and just adores being a big sister.  She makes double trouble with her big brother still, but the past two days, I’ve seen them interact much better together…more mature…more restrained.  This is a huge answer to prayer!  She loves to be with me, but is also independent.  I love her can-do attitude…she perseveres and tries to figure things out on her own.  

I LOVE teaching her….this is one of my most favorite activities with her…she is so attentive, so ready to learn, so eager.  Lewis always wanted to spend time with me and asked lots of questions.  Hannah is very quiet and soaks everything up.  I can see they have two very different ways of learning–I sense I have so much to learn about teaching multiples!  I love seeing her beautiful, big blue eyes light up when she understands something!  And to revel in the privilege…the most precious opportunity to teach her so much…all about Him and His creation…wow…what a big responsibility…but I am an approved workmen!!!  And I am so excited to teach this little girl and learn so much together.

We are leaning towards having a relaxed homeschool year next year as Lewis will have another year of preschool with where his birthday falls and Hannah will begin her first year of homeschooling with mommy.  It shall be relaxed!  And fun!  They will have a bit at school and a bit with me…and hopefully, I can slowly slide back into homeschooling full time in a year 🙂  We shall see!

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