Hannah turns 3 at last! Hello Minnie Mouse :-)

Hannah is 3!!!!!
Hannah is 3!!!!!

IMG_0106 DSC04913IMG_0080 IMG_0103Our little angel has turned 3!!!

What a beautiful, fun day.  We did a countdown to Hannah’s birthday, as she was so excited and couldn’t wait for her special day.  She wanted a “pink” birthday…and a minnie mouse cake 🙂

She got to share her special day with her friends at school, during snack time 🙂  Her sweet great grandmother made for a special Disney themed, Minnie Mouse party, with all the party supplies, to include matching minnie mouse dresses for the girls!  I’ve never seen a half sheet cupcake cake, made by the commissary–isn’t it amazing??!!  It was delicious and really neat to look at.   She loved her presents from family…and put her cards right in front of her to look at while eating 🙂

Hannah got to be “line leader” for the day and hand out special party bags to her friends.  We loved sharing her birthday with her preschool here.  They have become like family to us.  They are a very small school and very Christ-centered.

Hannah is my adorable 3 year old now….it seems she has been waiting to turn 3 forever!  She has seemed 3 to us for awhile now…she talks so well, goes potty all by herself, is so independent and determined.  This age is simply the CUTEST to me.  I love the way she talks, the way she sings her Wee Willy Winkie nursery rhyme and all the rest of them (she loves nursery rhymes), and I love the way she swings her hips and arms when running….  She has such a funny, sweet sense of humor.  She is SO fun to be around!  She loves to make things beautiful.

We sense a special gift of social grace and hospitality with Hannah…she loves to make her friends feel comfortable and has such unusual manners…

She loves her buddy more than anything in the world….they are joined at the hip!  ….And make quite the puppy trouble for mommy and daddy….more on THAT later 🙂

She adores being a big sister and helping mommy with her.  She is often thinking about Emma and what makes her happy and sad….and is quick to help mommy with Emma’s binky 🙂

Happy Birthday my big 3!!!  You are a true princess from Heaven, so soft, so sweet, so gracious– and I get to have you as my very own 🙂

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