Running the Race….

We are living Paul’s prayer for the Colossians right now…growing in the knowledge of the will of the Lord and growing in patience and endurance…we feel it…we are being stretched…in a good way…things that used to bother us, used to wear us out…well, it takes longer now, it takes more of it to get us to that point.  We are thankful, otherwise all our days would be hard….

We are loving having 3 children!  As Emma sleeps through the night and I get more sleep…and peace returns…without the crying…I sensed, really last week, that God was calling us to begin to serve.  The tough pregnancy is over, we’re really settled now, and we have mostly adjusted to having 3.  I felt Him calling us to serve just as I had felt a peace about serving in “little” ways…I thought maybe He was preparing us to serve at our next assignment…in larger ways.  But, it seems as though the time is sooner than I had anticipated.  I am waiting on Him to lead and clarify the details of this service He is preparing…this service He asked of me today.  Service can be intimidating sometimes…I like to stay in my comfort zone and always like to know that things are peaceful and together on the home front before serving outside my home…this service may be outside my comfort zone, but it is a wonderful way to serve and the more I think about it, the more I LOVE it.  More on that later….

Some things God is teaching us lately…in a nutshell:

*Loving deeply can hurt…and a life lived beautifully is going to be rejected…words echoing in my mind from a dear friend.

*To steer from worldly wisdom and religious rules.

*For the eyes of our hearts to be enlightened, to hear and KNOW HIS VOICE.

*To continue to have STRONG MINDS, to pray together, to read the Word, individually and as a family…and to Invite His Spirit into our Home continually…He wants to know He is invited…it is not to be assumed.

*To seek Him in Perfection…He is perfect and He planted this desire in us to SEEK IT IN HIM…not in achievements, people, or pleasures.

*To stay present and focused…and to ensure each other has “wind down” time.

*To communicate sweetly and often…no matter what 🙂

*Forgiveness and Grace…Loving through the hard.  I realized the other day as I grow in Christ…I must GROW in forgiveness…

I am really excited about how our family is growing here… I am pleased with the direction we are going and in awe at all the ways God is growing our family and our kids’ hearts…we’ve longed to connect and serve and I am excited about learning about the Body of Christ in my Ephesians study in PWOC…and to learn my spiritual gifts in a neat little survey I was given…and how we, as a small puzzle piece, FIT into this body and how we can lift up our brothers and sisters and love them and be loved…it is so beautiful to me…and something that has been set in my heart for quite some time, but not fully understood…how God sets the eternity in the hearts of men…long before we understand the desires He puts in our heart.

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