Our Baby Whisperer and Awesome Auntie!!!

IMG_0317 IMG_0327


We LOVED having our visitors from VA and NJ!!!!  Mom Mom, our amazing baby whisperer and Auntie Megan, whom Lewis and Hannah loved spending every moment with, filled our days with sweet love and lots of fun!!!  We had some fun adventures to the pumpkin patch and a carousel…and off to the d-fac too…mostly we enjoyed spending time with them at home.   We took Auntie to our apple trees across the street and she climbed up the apple tree and shook the apples…and they rained down for some yummy applesauce that Auntie then made for all of us.  Isn’t she amazing?!  We had fun visiting Wee Willie Winkie’s clock tower…and ran and rolled down the rolling hills towards the Missouri river.  Auntie Meg Meg even dared to spend the night in the same bed with Lew 🙂  That was very brave Auntie!  He loves you SO much.  And Hannah loved playing kitty with you.  Hannah says “meow meow” from Kansas…and Lewis can’t wait to see you at the beach at our soonest opportunity….”Emmy” looks forward to more cuddles 🙂

I was so blessed by both your gentle and patient spirits….such sweet encouragement…and such sweet company.  We love you and miss you dearly.

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