Abundant life.

These few months have just flown by!  We had a baby, had visitors, had a birthday, had visitors, a camping trip, had visitors, a baptism, and another birthday!  And Emma is 4 months in just a few days!

Somewhere in there we were sick for 3 weeks…and I am just now over another sinus cold…they seem to be popping up almost every month.  We have been learning much…much about God…and much about ourselves.  I see Brian growing in the fear of the Lord.  I am learning to let go of expectations, trying to streamline the thoughts and ideas, and turning to God to help me identify those feelings that unexpectedly rise up and overwhelm me as my days rush by.  The Lord has been so gracious to actually tell me what I am experiencing and show me how to give it to Him.  He is helping me understand my role in the body of Believers and has opened up a sweet door of service in the body.  He is helping us in Parenting, with a sweet parenting conference–Parenting God’s Kids–  We are learning to be the instrument of self-control in our children’s lives…and to reinforce structure to help them.  We were reminded that God’s standard is high…and to hold them to it…but to allow for much grace.  Brian learned the Father’s Charge.  It was a beautiful way to come together in parenting.  He is telling us to walk Worthy.   What an incredibly rich place this is to be built up.

Tonight, as Brian was in his class, the kids and I ate a yummy pumpkin cookie recipe my mom had given me, which we all sat together and made on the kitchen floor last night.  We attempted bedtime routine…Emmy screamed so hard it made my head spin…and Lewis and Hannah followed soon after when they climbed into their beds.  I had 3 weepy babies…I snuggled them close, sang “Be thou My Vision” and nurtured them to sleep.  I went from room-to-room, said several prayers of protection and comfort, hummed lots of chorus lines, and finally, their bodies went limp and off to dreamland.  I loved this night though.  I loved being there to hold them, to sing them to sleep and comfort them.  I loved it when Hannah asked me about Jesus and me.  I told her I was Jesus’ servant.  She told me I was his mommy.  🙂

Today, Brian and I had a chance to go on an unexpected date…a cycling date at the gym!  It was Brian’s first cycling class.  It brought back memories of a cross country skiing trip…but it went so much better!!!  I loved this date…how unexpected it was…how fun it was…and how challenging it was.  I like working hard side-by-side.  Just like in life.  He’s my partner…in everything…and now I’ve gained a cycling partner too!

This is my life lived abundantly…in love…in joy…with Jesus and my 4 favorite people in the whole world.


One thought on “Abundant life.

  1. you are a wonderful writer. I am so happy you are both in parenting classes and growing in the Lord. It is just awesome! You have much patience singing the kids to sleep. In my younger days I yelled. Wish I had met the Lord when my children were small. Colleen and Shawn had more of that life then the two older ones, but we worked on that relationship and it is better now.

    God bless you both,

    Phyllis and Dick too

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