Emmy’s 6 months!!!

Emma Faith
Emma Faith

Here is our little Emma Faith!  We can hardly believe she is 6 months this Sunday!!!  What a precious gift she has been to our family.  She has brought such sweetness, contentment, PEACE into our family…she is a bundle of joy to cuddle with, make smile and laugh, and “talk” with…we ADORE this baby.  She amazes us in every way and is the baby of our dreams. Lewis loves to play with her, teach her, and understand her little world, and Hannah is so excited to have a sister to cuddle with and share everything with…she often tells me they are “best friends.”

I cannot believe 6 months has already gone by.  Emma is doing everything (so far) earlier than her sister and brother, which keeps surprising us…  I am treasuring these days of cuddles, because the wiggles and squirms are coming too fast…watch out, baby is getting ready to move 🙂  I love her toothless grin…I love her chub…all 20lbs of it :)…..and I love this sweet photo that captures Emmy’s personality so well.

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