~Sweet Surrender~

This word has meant different things to me at different points in my life….right now, it means simply letting go.  So much of me wants to hold on…hold onto routines, hold on to details, hold on to vision, hold on to things….I guess that is the “input” part of me…but I am seeking to let go of all that I can to be able to receive from Him…receive peace, receive focus, receive wisdom.  It always feels good when I can let go.  I love all that God has to offer me when He beckons me to surrender.

Today my day was quite chaotic!  I am working through another sinus infection…but so thankful for the antibiotics before Brian left….I kept striving for structure today…but it felt like I was fighting an uphill battle that was determined to not let me win!  I loved my moments of peace…with my neighbor and with Emma’s tiny tot helper who is amazing.

People keep asking us where we will be moving to after SAMS…really, I do not know.  We could be in Alaska, Colorado, Washington, going through a deployment, or maybe Hawaii?  We just don’t know.  I am finding peace in that…peace in Him.  He knows.  His plan is perfect.

Recently, I stepped into a new position at PWOC…one that I love…one that I am excited to be a part of.  I am excited to see all that God has planned for the spiritual life of PWOC.

Emma has turned 9 months!!!  Her life is literally flying by…I am holding on to each day and praising God for this incredible gift of a baby…her bright eyes, her beautiful smile, her life brings unending joy.  Every day IS a holiday with Emma.  I cannot imagine our lives without her.  I am so glad God moved us forth in faith to have her.  What a jewel she is.

Brian and I celebrated 8 beautiful years together last weekend.  I love that God allowed me to see on our anniversary the precious relationship He has brought forth between us.  Oh, I love this man.  As we sat together with our sweet tag along, in an Irish Pub with a song from “Last of the Mohicans,” playing in the background…one of our favorites, and my gentleman before me, I felt so thankful for all God is giving me.  I love the sweet unity God is bringing forth in our family–the tender and gentle spirit Brian has with the kids, the respect they have for their daddy, the sweet love and unity God is cultivating in Lewis and Hannah’s hearts for each other…I see it as something that God brings forth, but that we must maintain.  Maintenance takes work!  Times of sowing can be arduous, but times of harvest are so worth it.  As I sat back this past weekend and soaked up all that God is doing in our lives…feeling so thankful…He reminded me, “I died for this.”  “It should’ve been me,” by Citizen Way, played later that day and reminded me once again what this beautiful life that God is giving me cost Him.  It cost Him his life.

I love focusing on just communing with God…staying in communication with Him, and letting Him “fix” the world around me.  Brokenness is everywhere…part of our fallen world.  I feel it in me…I feel it around me…I know that God is big enough to fix it all.  I love the focus this brings to my life.  Simply trusting and obeying what He calls me to do….staying in “my lane.”  There is peace in that.

These days are really racing before my eyes…this week Brian is on TDY…the first time he has been gone from us in ages.  Oh, we miss him.  He is our rock.  We feel his absence, but are excited for his homecoming 🙂  What a gift it is to have him with us here.

Hannah loves her sweet little Emma…her best friend.  She also loves learning right now that God is her best friend too.  She often sings, “Come on, let’s dance together, we’ll be best friends forever, who else could it be, but you and me.” 🙂  She hasn’t taken off her princess dress for 3 days now…she LIVES in princess world.  I love that she knows how loved she is and that she really is a beloved daughter of the King.




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