Legacy….and LIFE

As I talked with my sweet grandma today (on my birthday 🙂 ), we thought about legacy together.  Today is my last day of being prayer coordinator for PWOC here…I thought about prayer and how God has given me a love for it…from when I was very little.  My mom gave me a little precious book of prayers when I was very little, a book from Caerwent, Wales, where we were stationed at the time.  It had the most beautiful little pages and the sweetest prayers and I loved saying those prayers with my mom and my grandma.  My grandma would sit me down at the end of each night at her home in the Smoky mountains, where we would spend our summers together and she would talk me through my day and remind me to thank God for the wonderful gifts He gave me that day.  My mom and grandma gave me this legacy…a love of prayer.  I am so thankful for these women in my life today.

I’ve been thinking about the women in my family, the incredible mother-in-law I have, a woman whom I admire and cherish having in my life.  A woman who is “hip” and fun 🙂 and elegant and gracious, a woman who is essential to my life.  My mom: ALL the ways she has blessed me throughout my life, cheering me on, encouraging me to overcome, writing me notes of encouragement throughout my days at West Point…without which I am not sure I would have graduated!  Her love of nature.  Her tender care for me, how she could finish my thoughts, anticipate my desires.  My husband’s sister, who gave me an 80s cd shortly after I first met her, full of all the 80s songs that I loved!  Her sweetness. Her sense of humor 🙂 My brother’s wife, my sister-in-law, who is so gentle, patient, kind, peaceful, and loving…she has always been inspirational to me as a mommy.  She is a really special person.  My paternal grandmother, who has written me a letter/e-mail practically every week of my life.  Her social grace, her love for nature. Her love of relationship. She has been such a blessing to me, her love has been so constant.  My maternal grandmother, who sets the bar in homemaking!  Excellent cook, wonderful cleaner, LOVES relationship, loves to travel, visited us all over the world, amazing woman.  My husband’s grandmother, who’s countenance I unfortunately haven’t been able to enjoy, but who left a HUGE legacy in the family…I love hearing stories about her.  Brian’s other grandmother, who weekly blesses us with her love and generosity…who LOVES children and has one of the hardest work ethics I’ve ever known.  THIS is Legacy.  I LOVE these women.  I am so thankful for them this mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the precious mommies in my family!!


I’ve been thinking about LIFE today, pondering the difference that Christ makes.  Christ said:

I came that you would have LIFE and have it abundantly. -John 10:10

This is a life that begets LEGACY.

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