Write…Purpose for this summer.

All my life I have loved writing.  From the time I was 8, I was journaling pretty much every day.  It is how I understand life.  It is how I express myself.  It is how I sort out what I think, feel, and want out of life.  It is a way to document.  A way to process and also get perspective on hard days.

This summer, I want to either write a book or write a bible study.  There are so many topics that flood my mind, I just need clarification from God as to where He wants me to begin.  I need this purpose to be from God.  Not for or from me.  It has to BEGIN with Him, be INSPIRED by Him and be FOR Him.

Lord, I pray that you give me a topic to start on and help my hands take off on all that you want to say, speak, and do through my simple hands and mind.  Lord, give me VISION…let me be your instrument.  Amen.

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