Our sermon series right now is on heaven. How beautiful, how pertinent. How wonderful it is to view all that we go through in this short life in the light of eternity.  It really puts everything in perspective. I thank God for the moments here on earth when I get to experience heaven. The genuine love of my children, love from friends, a bible study where the leader is FULL of the Holy Spirit. The beauty in my children’s eyes…in their hearts to love and serve one another.

I try to explain to them that the things of this world that surround them can never truly satisfy them. They hunger, they thirst. All I can do as a mom, besides give them great nutritional meals, help them physically, mentally, and spiritually, is continue to point them to Christ. To His example. To their creator. They are yearning to understand…themselves, the world around them, and God’s purpose for their life. To say a mom’s job is impossible is an understatement. We simply cannot do this without God. As Scripture states, “apart from me, you can do nothing.” I’ve experienced this to be true. It’s something to be incredibly grateful for:

1) Our immovable spot in heaven, the free gift of our salvation.

2) God with us, Immanuel

3) The Gospel message which sets us both free and gives us joy to keep moving forward, knowing we can trust an unshakable God and swim free from sin in God’s ocean of mercy and forgiveness and grace.

In this knowledge we can truly REST.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.

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