Hannah’s 7!!

Hannah 7 years oldWow, I never thought I could even imagine this little girl growing up. She always seemed to be that she would stay my little “apple blossom” forever.

However, at 7 she is:

INDEPENDENT, yet still needing my love, comfort, companionship, support, and guidance.

BEAUTIFUL…breathtakingly beautiful.

PEACEMAKER, always desiring unity and usually being the first to let go of a dispute, take a hand, speak gently, comfort, encourage.

COMMITTED and WONDERFUL BIG SISTER. Checking on sis, teaching sis, playing mommy games with sis, dancing with sis, helping sis, giggling with sis, dressing as twins….EMMA adores her big sister.

When Hannah was little, I often would call her “sissy.” I always saw her as Lewis’ beloved sister. And now, she shows her love, just as her big brother did to her, to her little sister. She is very family oriented. Her branches of love reach out deep into our hearts.

BRILLIANT, reading sentences at 4, and now moving onto chapter books at 6 1/2, as well as getting the best reader award in 1st grade, as well as having a plethora of vocabulary words, as well as a keen ability to learn and connect ideas.

CREATIVE: she loves crafts and collects and creates just about anything!

TALENTED: she loved to conquer and acquire new skills, she loves to cook with me, learn to sew.




FOCUSED (when she wants to be!)





With all these favorite qualities mentioned, I cannot forget to jot down the challenges!

* Two fingers STILL caught in the mouth occasionally.

* Stubborn beyond belief at times.

* Drama Queen with a ridiculously hilarious sense of humor.

* Yearning to know things beyond her understanding, sometimes to her harm.

She’s slowly, but surely relinquishing her strong will as she experiences God’s blessing in obedience and learns to trust in God’s goodness. A gentle, but firm hand, always watching, guides this beautiful 7 year old arrow in the direction it should go.




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