My beloved children this Christmas 2017.

Christmas picture Highlands 2017

I adore these children.  I thank God that they are mine. Lewis- 9, Hannah-7, and Emma-4, they are in this recent picture on Christmas Eve at the Christmas Eve Service at the Highlands United Methodist Church, standing right in front of a huge Christmas tree named after my grandfather, Bob Padgett, known as “Bobby Padgett.”  He was a well-respected forest ranger in the Nantahala Forest in Highlands, NC. This is one of my favorite pictures of them!  Lewis had an arrowhead necklace on that we had gotten from Cherokee last summer and we met some folks coming out of the church that were from Kansas (of all places!) and had been looking everywhere for arrowheads!  What a sweet memory.  What a special visit.  I love these kiddos!!!  And being their momma 🙂

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