Mercy Givers and Mercy Accepters

You have probably heard the term “undeserved gift” when describing Grace.  God’s grace is given lavishly as a gift to us, and not because of our performance, but because of His perfect performance, because of His rich love for us.

God’s mercy is the same.  IT is given because we cannot live without it.  Have you ever run into a Christian that gives mercy as if it comes from them and not God?  As if they have never received God’s mercy or are not in daily dependance of it?  I hope you have not, because I don’t think these Christians have truly experienced the depth of their sins and they just might not know how much each one of us has fallen short of God’s standard and therefore in need of His mercy.

If you have received mercy today or if you are in need of God’s mercy, I encourage to you fully accept it.  God gives gifts without strings attached.  Only does He ask for a pure heart.  If you need it, pray and you’ll be amazed at just how merciful God is.  He delights in us, His beautiful creation.


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