Feet ready to spread the Gospel


I had to ready my feet for sharing the gospel last night.  I knew what I needed to do.  Oftentimes, the Lord speaks to me specifically when it comes to sharing the Gospel.  What I need to do, what I need to bring when it comes to a mission He has for me.  Usually it is a gut feeling, however other times, it is through people, a movie, or something I read.

I knew I needed to make a pecan pie and go to my neighbors last night, who are devout Muslims.  I have two sets of neighbors who are devout Muslims.  My one neighbor I am very close to, she is my age and has a boy younger than Emma.  I am like an older sister to her.  Her son calls me Auntie.  I adore their family.

I have to say I really love Muslims!  The Muslims God has put in my life are really family-oriented, loving people.  They depend on one another and would never live life any other way.  I love that God has allowed me to be in their lives speaking words of love and truth from His Word.  I love that God has allowed me to pray for them and they have seen His mighty wonders, acts, and deeds, combined with the Word that my feet and mouth bring to them.  I know His passion is for them.  I feel it strong in my heart also and I know it comes from Him.

As I was reading about the Armor of God today, the “feet that are ready to spread the gospel” caught my eye.  Last night I knew what I needed to do, but with this couple, I needed courage.  They aren’t as easy for me to share as with my friend downstairs.  And English can be more of a barrier, so I choose my words carefully, and try to cover them with God’s love and hope, pray that it all makes sense and they would know my intention is good and that what I am sharing is true and blessed and sacred.  I share in humility, I share with love, I share so that they know I want the very best for them and care for them.  As I left, I told them it was only my second pecan pie, so I had hoped it tasted good (they had never had any), and also that I wanted them to know there was no pressure, that I am sharing the love of my life with them.  I could tell from their faces, I thought they understood.

I want more than anything for them to know Jesus.  I pray tonight and each night for their blessed salvation.

I remember those who prayed for me….

Reading the Bible and sharing the Gospel are two of the most satisfying jobs I will ever have.  I am thankful I live in an age where the Bible is so readily available.  I pray my mind can be saturated with it, so I can also carry it with me wherever I go and be ready to fight the darts of the Enemy with sacred truth.

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