In the heart or head?

How can we tell if our faith is truly in our hearts or our heads?  Is it mere head knowledge or has it penetrated our hearts?  I think God tests the application of His Scripture in our lives through relationships, circumstances, barriers…He tests us.  I want my faith to be real.  I want to be able to read Scripture and really apply it to my life…I want to know that the hope I have in Christ is REAL.  Will I really believe on my last day here on earth that I will fall asleep in Christ here on earth and wake up to Christ in heaven?  I hope so.  I want my children to see their mother’s faith is strong, real, everything.  I pray they do.  If there is anything I truly desire to pass on to my kids, it is that faith is paramount to everything we do and I want to pass the faith baton to them.  In the new testament, it says NOTHING we do can please God except our faith.  So, it goes without saying that faith is essential to pleasing God.  If that is what we live for, then let my faith be strong.


Let me leave a legacy so strong

Let my children remember three things

That faith and hope and love are 3 virtues

I hold the most dearly.

Let my children cling to these

their whole lives long

that nothing else to them speaks more clearly.


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