Growing Up

As my three littles all attend the same school and my youngest enters kindergarten, I am met with the keen awareness that they are all growing up. As I spend most of my efforts maturing their hearts, their physical growth is automatic. Their days in my hands and home are numbered and there is nothing I can do about that. But every word and every moment I can focus my strong will to love them so deeply and train them well to love God and others. I have prayed over this day and can trust that this year will be good, albeit challenges that are just around the corner.

Please pray for my 3 beloved children as their dad is departing for Korea for 2/3 years in just one month.

Pray for their dad too.

I know God will continue to be their hero present daily and He is enough.

Just one more year until my graduate degree is complete!

Thank God for His unfailing love, guidance, and grace to all of us. May we mature and grow up into the fullness of Christ.

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